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Hello! Welcome to Year To Year AC.

If you’ve stumbled across this site, you’re probably either
(a) someone already in ACS(I),
(b) somebody coming into ACS(I), or
(c) somebody interested in coming to ACS(I).

In any case, we hope that the information on this site will be useful in learning more about this mythical creature we call IB.

We’re a group of seniors who realised that Year 5s far too often enter IB equipped with little knowledge of what to expect. We felt that there needed to be a way for juniors to learn about their seniors’ experiences so that they could build from them and to avoid making the same mistakes that we made. Hence, this site.

On this site, you’ll find articles very kindly written by various seniors keen on sharing their stories with you. Hopefully, you’ll find the information here useful in making choices for your subject combination and EE, as well as in coping with IB in general.

As you’ll read about in the articles on this site, IB can be either easy or hard depending on the way you approach it and what you expect it to be. While travelling this (sometimes perilous) IB journey, we hope that you’ll be able to pave your own path and find meaning in each stone laid along the way. In any case, whatever your journey may be, always remember that you’ll never be alone.

If you have any questions, feel free to message our Facebook page here, our Instagram page here, or go to ask.fm/IByoursenior!

The Team

Class of 2020

Jonathan Lim is from 5.09. Studying a subject combination of HL Mathematics, Economics and History (MEH), the most common question he hears is “so where and what do you think you’ll eventually be employed as?” Other frequent queries include “why do you only order the blueberry cheese waffles from opposite school?” and “I’m confused – so how many CCAs are you actually in?” When not answering said questions, he spends his time watching Los Angeles Lakers games only to be let down by his favourite team. Chances are you’ll find him in school at the basketball courts pretending he can drain three-pointers like Steph Curry when he should really be busy trying to avoid scoring other kinds of 3 points.

Class of 2019

Joseph Chan is currently in 3.09. He thanks God to have had awesome schoolmates and teachers that have added colour to his school life. When not joining his class’ lively banter, he switches between marveling at the survivability of his long-suffering teachers, making the tough call between butter and lemon chicken rice at Wah Chee, and taking much-needed power naps.

Sonia Wong is currently in Year 5 studying the predictable doctor subject combi of Bio, Chem and Economics at HL, but with SL Lit. She was formerly a student at MGS, which she misses terribly (oops sorry AC!) She’s in council and 3 CCAs, but still intends to finish every tv show on netflix. Join her as tries to pass off last minute work and learn from her dealings with a severe case of non-intact class.

Class of 2018

Dhruva Reddy is a current Year 6 student fulfilling his parents ambitions with his engineer subject combi of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics at HL and Lang Lit, BM and Hindi at SL. When not expressing his deepest regrets at the series of unfortunate events that led him to this fateful juncture in his life, he can sometimes be caught snapping photographs around Singapore, staying back in the foyer for literally no reason but to exchange social pleasantries like the gregarious scum he is or binge watch/read anything under the sun. He is also an avid contributor to the extremely cultured school meme page on top of being involved in 3 different CCAs. Yes before you ask his time management is abysmal and so are his grades.

Class of 2017

Christian Yeo ostensibly studies law; in reality, he already has his heart set on fulfilling every Chinese mother’s dream: ensnaring some unwitting MG girl and becoming Singapore’s first male taitai. When not preparing for his second career, he can be found bemoaning Alex Iwobi’s Bambi-esque foibles, listening endlessly to John Mayer, or ironically reading John Green. Before he retires on Schrute Farms, he wishes for one thing only – that his Cambridge adventures will end acrimoniously, like all his relationships. Also, his spirit animal is an Encik.

Class of 2016

Natalie Yeo is currently in Year 6, in 6.17 with fellow Year to Year admin Vernon! She was formerly a student of Methodist Girls’ School (MGS), before coming to ACS (Independent). At present, she very much enjoys her subject combination, History, Literature and Economics at Higher Level, despite its abbreviation as HEL. In her spare time, she can be found attempting to learn the ukulele and the triangle.

Vernon Yian is a first-year Political Science and Philosophy student at the London School of Economics. A 12 year ACSian, he reminisces running about the red brick slopes in ACS (Primary) and running late for assembly at Dover Rd. He enjoys daydreaming, novels by Nabokov and Soseki, natural science encyclopedias (with pictures), conversation, memes and kopi.

Grace Yeo is a second-year student at the LSE reading Politics and International Relations. In her free time, she can be found scoping out the best matcha ice-creams or pastas in London, nursing a bruise from having two left feet, or re-watching episodes of Friends. You’d probably be more likely to find her in a burger joint than a lecture theatre during the week, (un)fortunately.

Class of 2015

Timothy Ong is a graduate of the class of 2015, studying Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics at Higher Level. He can be found playing FIFA whenever possible in between school work and CCA commitments. Apart from the aforementioned, he enjoys talking about a variety of issues, including the price of SAC food, random questions about life, and Arsenal FC’s transfer policy (or lack thereof). He looks forward to enlightening conversations and entertaining antics over the course of the year ahead.

Daniel Wong is a graduate of the class of 2015, taking Physics, Math and Computer Science during his time there. He is usually glued to his phone or computer – but not for the reasons that you’d think. Being the crazy guy behind the entire infrastructure of the site, we’ll grant him the benefit of the doubt that he’s actually working to keep the site working well behind the scenes (or just buying things online half the time).

Tanmay Shankar is a graduate of the class of 2015, having formerly taken Mathematics, Economics and English as Higher Level subjects. Apart from IB-ing, he spends his time taking photographs, watching Disney shows and pretending to have a social life. Despite being a vegetarian, he lives for food and spends a disproportionately large amount of money on frozen yogurt.

Class of 2014

Jonathan Ng (alias: Derpy) is a graduate of ACSI and is currently serving his term in National Service. He conceived Year-to-Year in 2014, and fortunately discovered that there were a few Y5s with the same vision as him. He took Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics Higher Level, and Spanish AB, L&L and B&M at Standard level. He was in the Primers and misses it terribly. He loves his plushies, and spending time with his friends, Batman, Community (the TV show), his church, carrot juice, sneezing loudly, mucking about in school at strange hours, making fun of people who waffle on about Calvinism, arguing with people on the internet. On a good day, he can indulge in all of them.


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Images courtesy of Daniel Wong, James Fok and Klaus Tan.