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Ever seen a group of people running around the Astro Turf, not big enough to be playing rugby, feet not fast enough to be playing soccer, but with something else flying in the air – a white… plate? Well, if you have, then you’ve seen Ultimate Frisbee. Some argue that the friendliness of the people and their shared interests confirm the CCA’s status as a club and society, while others argue that the acrobatic Dance Venia-esque jumps and dives of the players remove any and all doubt that Ultimate Frisbee is a performing art, and finally others complain that the 1-round Astro Turf warmup run solidifies its position as a sport.

Only available for year 5s and 6s, Ultimate Frisbee is a team sport involving every dog’s favourite toy – a Frisbee. The only mixed-gender team sport in the school, Ultimate Frisbee demands a combination of outstanding technical skill and physical excellence, and is a growing area of interest amongst many top schools and institutions in Singapore. Every Wednesday and Friday, you’ll find a group of 40-odd student athletes grinding their skills either on the Astro Turf or the Cricket Field, breaking into copious sweat while engaging in an activity which brings the intensity of a sport alongside the enjoyment of a game.

But more than this, AC Ultimate is a community that stands by and supports each other, a group of quirky individuals whose idiosyncrasies can bring laughter (at one of their own expense) to any dull or mundane situation. Never judge a GCP/BCP for his/her decision to join Ultimate Frisbee – whether you think they signed up for a club, society, performing art or sport (this), they also signed up for a family.

Written by Joshua Lim

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