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I’ve been part of the IB Wind Ensemble for about a year, and it has been nothing short of an amazing experience. On the surface, the Wind Ensemble appears to be one of the many performing arts CCAs in school. However, what left a lasting impression on me was that certain zest, a certain passion which emanated from its members. It was the collective love for not just music but musical excellence, the love for producing music together.

One of the defining aspects of band is its strong sense of camaraderie – at the Wind Ensemble the players don’t just make music together but instead we bond over it and enjoy the process of music making together. We strongly believe in developing each and every member. Though in the pursuit of excellence it seems to be easier to leave weaker players behind, it is part of our culture to do everything collectively. When playing in a band every action, every breath, every pitch has to be synchronised, and this spirit of cooperation is reflected in our culture, where those with more experience don’t just stand on a pedestal, and instead help by giving their attention to the newer players.

As a musician I never really got the chance to play and create music with others, and when I was exposed to playing in a band, it blew my mind. There’s just something so special about sharing music with others. It’s hard to fully describe and capture the feeling in words, but I’ll try. It’s the sense of acceptance when the seniors are always happy to help, the sense of belonging when you slog through the long hours of practice together, the hunger to improve and better oneself in order to play your best when you’re together, the ability to connect with another player without uttering a word, it is truly a beautiful feeling. This is why I have grown to love the Wind Ensemble, and I hope that it’ll continue to provide players with this experience for many years to come.

Written by Lee Jian Rong

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