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2018 marks my sixth year in the AC Guitar Orchestra, and over time my role in the CCA has changed, one unchanging fact remains that as part of the orchestra, you’re part of a family, a community. Going through performing arts festivals and competitions really engender a sense of unity, and you soon find yourself looking forward to each and every training. With people of all sorts of musical backgrounds, from people having a grade 8 in musical theory to others having just picked up a guitar a few short months ago, you will never see any form of discrimination or division, and we firmly believe in an environment of shared learning for everyone. Guitar also provides a platform to develop a lifelong skill and passion for music, it provides you the unique opportunity of interacting with leading professionals in the field of classical Niibori guitar all the way from Japan as they share their expertise. Unlike other performing arts CCAs, the guitar is a versatile instrument present in many social situations instead of simply performance settings, and I think that’s what really sets us apart in that we find the opportunity to showcase what we learn at almost every turn. Additionally, within the CCA itself we provide multiple avenues to demonstrate your prowess in the form of fingerstyle arrangements or even vocal accompaniments during either the guitar festival of arts or during talent quests.

One of the highlights of my time in guitar is consistently the annual residential guitar camp. With a plethora of games and icebreaker sessions, it really brings the orchestra together and fosters a sense of camaraderie that carries over to synergy during performances. The organizing committee also additionally never fail to incorporate these activities in an engaging manner by formulating humorous backstories or coming up with riddles that never fail to amuse. All in all, looking back over my time, I am really glad that I made the right decision to join the CCA as I know that the bonds I’ve made are undoubtedly going to withstand the test of time, and that the skills that I have gained, both hard and soft, will stay with me for life.

Written by Arinjay Mishra

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