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Venia: Latin for “in God’s grace”

If you ask any dancer what Dance Venia is about, most would probably tell you that it is a family. A group of tightly-knit people who share the same passion for dance. It is the people that pulled me into this CCA in the first place. There is a constant warmth and light-heartedness amongst the dancers that brings everyone closer together. This is just one of the few things that make DV such a unique place to be in.

The most important thing DV has taught me is that, it is never a case of one man for himself. Despite the typical notion of a dancer improving oneself, this dance journey is far from a personal one. Dance Venia has cultivated such strong team spirit and yes, we call it family. Dancers would be all too familiar with “drop your fan, everyone 10 push-ups”, or the dreaded leg lifts after warm-ups. While some may see this as a group punishment, we see it as a communal strive to be better and do better as a team. There is never the idea of me, but rather, us. The never-ending encouragement and support everyone has for each other is a defining characteristic of Dance Venia. It is a wholesome blend of motivation and light-heartedness that translates into this desire to reach greater heights together as one. It is not strange to find dancers helping each other learn choreography outside the dance studio on non-training days. The dedication and hunger for excellence that dancers possess is truly inspiring and has motivated me to do my best for the team as well.

Another thing I love about dance is that it is the only thing that integrates both the demands of a sport as well as the artistry of a performing arts group. It is challenging, evolving and there are never-ending opportunities to learn something new. Although the basic technique remains constant throughout, the things dancers are able to create using this basic technique is really endless. That creative process is something I have grown to enjoy very much and learnt to appreciate during my time in DV. It’s not about how high your leg can go or how many turns you can do at once, but rather enjoying the creative process.

Dance also builds our tenacity and discipline. That mental and physical drive to push yourself despite the long hours of practice after an even longer day of school. No matter how many times our instructor says, “run it again”, the dancers seem to have this unwavering perseverance to press on. We can run one section of the dance multiple times, just to synchronise our movements, lifts, or even something as simple as a head orientation. The precision of the nitty-gritty is what develops our discipline and attention to detail. This discipline is not only within the constraints of dance, but it has also made a large impact on my academic life, in terms of juggling EETOKIA all at once.

Unlike what most newcomers may think, DV does not focus on whether you have a dance background or not. Instead, the focus is on a positive learning attitude, an inclusive community and dedication to the CCA. Ultimately, Dance Venia is a CCA that builds relationships more than anything. My biggest takeaway after a year in Dance Venia has to be the friendships and as cliché as it may sound, I am confident these friendships will last a lifetime. Dance Venia has given me a home, a second family and I am truly grateful.

Written by Sarah Cher

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