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Tennis is a rigorous and high intensity sport that imposes a great demand on physical and mental strength. But at the same time, it is an extremely enjoyable and adrenaline-boosting game that allows people to display their grit and tenacious competitive spirit in a fair and sportsmanlike manner.

The tennis community in ACSI spans across all six levels and boasts, at full strength, about 90 players. We have two dedicated coaches that work tirelessly from Monday to Friday to ensure that we are able to maintain our physical and technical abilities all year round and peak during the season. Trainings are often arduous and physically demanding. However, as a team, we push one another to our limits and improve on a daily basis.

This growth mind-set has enabled us to achieve many milestones in recent years, including two grand slams in the past three years, both coming consecutively in 2015 and 2016. Indeed we strive for perfection and set high expectations for ourselves but it is deeply ingrained in us that results are not everything and that the most important thing is to give it your best and leave it all on the court. The taste of defeat drives us to work even harder and it wills us to come back stronger and win the gold medal. At the end of the day, the tennis players all grow closer to one another and share a bond that makes all the sacrifices worthwhile. While we understand that the sport is highly competitive in nature, we always remember to have as much fun as we can when we get out there.

Written by Justin Oeni

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