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When I first started year 5, everything seemed pretty straightforward for me: I’d do my IAs, EE and assignments, hopefully get some good grades, make a few friends, and then go on with the rest of my life after school.

But then, I joined ventures.

For those who don’t know what ventures are, its short for “venture scouts”, which are scouts aged 17 – 18. But you don’t really need to be a scout before to join. We wear red berets, a green shirt with red epaulettes and dark green pants, and if you’ve never seen us before, it’s probably because we rarely wear our uniform.

But all that information above is probably the least important here.

Ventures is much more than just that crummy uniformed group you joined in your secondary school years, much more than getting shouted or screamed at by higher ranking officers and definitely, definitely much more than doing drills in the hot sun.

It’s kind of hard to explain everything ventures has to offer so I’ll probably condense it down to three words:

Adventure. I mean, when the name of your CCA can be found in this word, you should know what to expect. The motto for ventures is to “look wide” which is rather different from the scouts motto of “be prepared”, and it’s clear why. In ventures, you’ll be going through new experiences and learning new skills. Some of these include, pioneering (building structures), outdoor cooking, first aid, exploration and orienteering… there’s just too many to list here. There’s also opportunities to lead and do service projects for the wider community to learn not just technical skills but also teamwork and character. The essence of venturing is that you try new things and learn from them,

Fun. Yes, I mean that: actual fun. It almost seems wrong for a CCA to promise fun for its members given how almost every other CCA emphasizes more about achievements, what you’re expected to do and training dates but we’re different. I can promise you that ventures is the most enjoyable and exciting CCA you can ever get to join, hands down. I mean, what other CCA can you actually plan bowling and laser tag into camps, play night basketball or even banter with your teachers?

Brotherhood. This is probably what I feel is most important in ventures. True, a fun CCA with adventure skills would be great, but that’d be an outdoor club, not ventures. What truly makes ventures what it is to me is the people. Never have I made more closely-knitted friends, who’d stick with me through thick and thin and have my back whatever the circumstance.  You’ll realise that sometimes, it is not what you do, but who you do with that is most important. Be it marching under the hot sun during Founder’s Day Parade, or hiking 60km in the rain, every moment was enjoyable, if it was with my fellow ventures.

So, Year 5s, you may feel like ACSI is about EETOKIA, about getting through IB as quickly as possible –

but look wide, be prepared, join ventures.

Written by Jang Jun Woo

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