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“Rugby is a hooligan’s game played by gentlemen.”
This saying holds true down to the very core of rugby as a CCA. Rugby isn’t just a sport, it’s a journey where one develops both mental and physical being. If our 6 years in rugby have taught us anything, it would be the value of brotherhood and friendship on and off the pitch.
Rugby, like most team sports, is the culmination of various personalities and abilities toward a similar goal and aim. In rugby we accept each other’s shortcomings and flaws, fostering this spirit of inclusivity. Worried about not making the team? Fear not! The coaches do make it a point to give each and every member of rugby a chance to prove themselves and their ability in the sport. With experienced seniors and peers, rugby promotes the environment where we help each other improve and develop as better rugby players and gentlemen on and off the field.
With trainings up to 3 times a week and more during the season, Rugby undoubtedly requires heavy commitment, yet we cannot deny that it is in the countless hours spent training under the sun that we feel we reap the sweetest harvests in competition. The feeling as you don the school colours alongside your brothers, marching in line to meet your supporters is a feeling unparalleled to any other.
And yes, there will be ample fitness and training sessions where you’ll ache in places you never imagined you could ache in, but it is this common suffering (much akin to the struggles we face in IB) which strings us closer as a team and strengthens these bond of friendship between you and your fellow teammates.
The friends you take away from the sport are friends who stay with you for life and are friends who will never desert you through all the obstacles you may face in life, IB and beyond; and this is particularly because rugby inculcates values of empathy and awareness of those around you.
Approach any rugby player in your level if you’re interested in giving it a shot! You won’t regret it.
Written by Isaac Tan
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