Journey into the Leader’s Room: House Captaincy


My AC experience has been incredibly memorable, and having the privilege to be a Thoburn house captain has been an integral part of this experience.

Chiefly speaking, there are three main events that house captains are responsible for – the annual Swim, Track and Cross meets. The 16 house captains are all driven and determined to organise these events to the best of our abilities. We plan, organise and execute each and every event with zeal and zest, and with the aspiration that these sport meets will work towards serving a larger purpose – promoting house spirit. During such meets, we give our best in rallying the student body and inspiring our respective houses, encouraging them to cheer for and support one another. Be it participating in events or simply cheering for our fellow house members, we strive for active participation and cultivation of house spirit. House spirit is the critical driving force for each house to soar to greater heights year after year, hence it is critical that we ignite house pride. House definitely helps to enrich our school experience and creates a sense of belonging amongst the student body.

Aside from this, house captains also have a secondary role of organising other events interspersed throughout the year. Some events serve as an exceptional de-stresser, such as the Inter-House Netball Competition, especially while we are in the midst of the whirlwind of IB. Other events, like the Year 1 and 5 Orientation, allow us to collaborate with other leadership bodies such as the Prefectorial Board and Student Council. Events like Homecoming 2017 and Mid Autumn Festival also serve as a platform to interact with a wide spectrum of individuals, including not only our schoolmates, but the community at large.

There is a much deeper meaning in being a house captain. It is not simply about the organizing of events. Underlying this is character development and self discovery. The plentiful and rich experiences that come along with the role have moulded and shaped my fellow house captains and I into the individuals that we are today. In organizing events, leading and inspiring our fellow schoolmates, this has undeniably honed our leadership and interpersonal skills.

In our term as house captains, it is inevitable that commitments may be heavy at times, especially since our duties necessitate hard work and effort. That being said, it has been proven repeatedly that with the support from our nurturing teachers and fellow house captains, nothing is insurmountable. All houses have been blessed with incredible teachers who have guided us and showered us with an infinite amount of care and concern (Thank you Mr Dumortier, Mrs Choo, the 8 individual house teachers-in-charge, and all our subject teachers who have been so understanding when we had to miss lessons to perform our duties). Additionally, spending endless hours together with the other house captains has fostered close friendships, and I can gladly say they are a bunch of people whom I can readily rely on through thick and thin. Working alongside and growing with these 15 individuals have made my leadership journey so much more enriching and fulfilling than I could have fathomed when I first took on this role. Words will never truly be able to express how grateful I am to have been put in the company of such passionate and fun-loving peers. One thing I can say with certainty is that our friendships are sure to last beyond our AC years!

Looking back, this past year as a house captain has given me an avenue to give back to the AC family, developed me more holistically, and endowed me with long-lasting friendships and a lifetime of memories. With so many different requirements and responsibilities being packed into one role, one would undoubtedly draw invaluable fulfillment from his or her term as a house captain. This is a role that I will continue to cherish many years down the road, and given the chance, I would, without a doubt, do it all over again.

Kong Pei Yen (6.18) is the Vice Captain of Thoburn and a valued member of the ACS (I) Water Polo team. Seeking to do her best to shepherd others, she is known to be endlessly affable in her interactions with classmates, friends, and juniors. However, Pei Yen is often not seen because she’s running around the school at top speed. On the rare occasion where she is spotted, she can usually be seen laughing at everything, even if it isn’t funny.

Editor’s note: Pei Yen is many things, as indicated by her author bio, but she is also quite lame.

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