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Citius. Altius. Fortius.

The Olympic Motto, which translates to “Faster, Higher, Stronger”, was proposed by Pierre De Coubertin in 1894. Possibly a delightful serendipity that the phrase has a remarkably apparent congruence with the objective of every track and field athlete. Often thought of as the original sport and basic measurement of testing one’s athleticism, the simplicity of Track and Field is what makes it so difficult yet splendidly beautiful.

Track and Field is a competitive sport comprising of a multitude of events ranging across 4 primary disciplines, and the words “Track” and “Field” effectively categorise the events: Track constituting the sprints, hurdles and the long distance events, and Field constituting the throws and the jumps.

Track and Field is all about self-betterment, and what’s unique about this sport that sets it apart from others is that often the biggest competition that you face is yourself. As a track and field athlete, your primary objective is to continually improve your timing or your distance. Track and field is a sport which focuses on perfecting specific elements of your athleticism, and only in doing so can one perform. We give our 110% in every training, just to cut our timings by milliseconds or to improve our distance by a mere few centimetres, and yet it’s all worth it.

To be utterly frank, I don’t believe track and field is a sport for everyone. It demands immense dedication, insurmountable determination, and undying fervour to chase a goal that you set out for. This can only come about with full concentration during training sessions, courageous resilience in the face of failure, and a burning heart of fire for success.

He who dares, wins. It is the one who dares to go the extra mile, dares to do the extra set, dares to sacrifice time and effort for one more training session, and dares to put himself/herself completely on the line that ultimately emerges victorious. Failure is bound to arise, as with every other aspect of life. But it is the one who bounces back on his feet and presses on fervently despite that will go far.

Despite the inherently individual nature of the sport, the track and field team in ACSI is still one of the most closely-knitted families in the school. In every training session, we encourage, support and affirm each other on in every run, throw, or jump. Friendships are forged through the fire, and they last on and off the track. In triumph, we celebrate as one family; and in defeat, we move forward as one family. As iron sharpens iron, we continually push each other to do our best, and strive to be the best version of ourselves that we can be – that’s what true family is all about.

As an ACSI Track and Field Team, we have regular trainings on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. All 3 disciplines train together at the ACS(I) track as one track family, except for specific days where select disciplines proceed to the gym for strength and conditioning. Typically, the athletes who participate in the longer distance have a dual membership in both the track and field and the cross country team (who have a separate national inter-school competition altogether). Training begins at about 3pm for secondary school student (4pm for IB students), and ends at about 6-6.30, depending on the programme for that day. The programme usually includes simple speed work, extended endurance workouts, and strength training. Athletes who represent the school in the 4x100m and 4x400m relays also have regular relay trainings year round to improve fluency, accuracy and judgment.

All in all, hard work and a never-ending drive is necessitous to truly excel in this sport. Do join the sport if you are willing to give your 110% effort and are prepared to shed some blood, sweat and tears to succeed. Be a part of the family that strives for excellence, for God and for the cause of ACS forever.

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Written by Oliver Lim

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