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Imagine the crashing waves, the racing of your heart as you beat on, boat against the current, droplets of water splashing across your face, and the cheers and shouts of jubilation that echo in the wind from your teammates as you burst across the finish line.

Do you have no ball-skills, or can’t even do a single push-up? Well, canoeing can’t do anything about your ball-skills, but it sure can transform you into a rather #swole individual.

As dauntingly massive as all the canoeists may seem, all of us started from the same point. The bottom of the list, too unfit to join any other sport in ACSI. The beauty of canoeing is how it accepts literally anyone who has a willing heart to join, regardless of their previous (or rather their lack of a) sporting background, and moulds them into someone they would’ve never seen themselves as. Not only physically improving us, but increasing our mental endurance and teaching us the importance of pushing yourself beyond your limits.

Prior to joining Canoeing in Secondary 1, I was never sporty or fit. However, Canoeing made me realise that as long as you set your heart and do your best in anything, going from a McDonald-loving fat kid to a gym lad was no problem. I’ve seen it time and time again in my juniors.

Of course this is no easy feat; having an intense training schedule of four times a week may seem scary to some. However, the change in your life and the lifelong friendships forged with your teammates will be well worth the effort.

So if you’re up for the challenge, and willing to turn your life around, why not give Canoeing a shot?

Written by Evan Tan

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