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Often touted as one of AC’s “most racially inclusive sports”, Cricket is a sport that surprisingly has a deep-rooted history in ACS. A simple google search of Cricket in ACS will reveal to you that it was in fact introduced to AC over 80 years ago by our former principal, Mr. T.W. Hinch. Ever since its inception, the sport has gone on to clinch a wide variety of accolades, achieving it’s most recent grand slam in 2016. To many of us, cricket as a sport has been a part of our lives for a long period, hence, the “racial inclusivity” of the sport.

However, I would go so far as to say that Cricket is like any other sport, if one is willing to put their mind to it they will be able to make an active contribution to the sport. In fact, a sizeable portion of our team (albeit Indian) were only exposed to cricket here in AC. So yes, being Indian or having Indian roots is not a pre-requisite for playing cricket here in AC. On a larger, more metaphysical level, every sport in AC is one that will provide you with a home away from home – I guess it is something intrinsic to AC and the AC spirit.

To end off, we (or I certainly) hope to see you walk precariously towards our prolific cricket field (aka the moon’s surface) to ask any of us on how to join the CCA that we have come to call home!

Written by Akshath Malik


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