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!NK is a student-run online network that covers key events in ACS (Independent) in the form of creative content. Our mission is to become a central part of the ACS community by providing a mirror for the everyday experiences, joys and quirks of school life.

Why join !NK? Maybe you identify with !NK’s vision of co-creating and capturing the uniquely AC culture through the regular publication of topical articles and videos about student life. You’d be well-placed to do this in !NK – in 2017 and 2018, for example, we covered notable events like Performing Arts Night, Cross-Country, Founder’s Day and Teacher’s Day. Collaborations with the Student Council and the Young Diplomats’ Society also allowed for exclusive behind-the-scenes features of Year 5 Orientation and the International Model United Nations Conference.

Or maybe you’re a creative, looking for an outlet to express yourself. By joining !NK’s Writing or Media Teams, you’d have the creative space to explore and publish different types of articles and videos, ranging from formal coverage, reflective pieces to even short stories, poetry, comic strips and drawings. Alternatively, as a Publicity Team member, you’d be involved in managing !NK’s social media pages, as well as conceptualising new engagement initiatives with the school such as !NK’s annual writing competitions.

Or perhaps you’d like to use your talents in the service of others. !NK’s flagship community outreach initiative, Write Alive!, will give you the opportunity to provide personalised mentoring in creative writing to underprivileged primary school students. In 2017, for instance, !NK members reached out to more than fifty beneficiaries from three different Voluntary Welfare Organisations across a total of nine days. !NK members also support and publicise the annual ACS (Independent) Food Drive, helping raise food donations for Food Bank Singapore’s 220 beneficiary organisations.

If anything of this resonates with you, we’d be happy to have you join us in forging bonds within the school community through the written word and creative content. Find us at www.inkacs.wordpress.com and follow us on instagram at @ink.ac and Facebook at www.facebook.com/acsink/ for updates!

Written by John Chua

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