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What is Model United Nations?

Model UN or MUN for short is a simulation of the real world discussions and negotiations that go on in the real United Nations (UN). Participants are given the opportunity to represent member states of the UN or other Governmental and Non-Governmental Organisations in discussions on issues of global significance for a duration of 2 to 3 days!

From a practical point of view, participating in a MUN Conference is a way of getting 26 Creativity Hours while having the opportunity to meet a whole host of people to discuss different issues (‘some’ of which have nothing to do with the conferences themselves). Beyond the practical outlook, YDS and MUNs, for many of us is where we have surprisingly forged meaningful friendships. It is the late night Skype calls, the “salt” circles, the times we spend bantering about life on the rooftop of Star Vista (I don’t know how and why but we always happen to end up there regardless of where the conference is being held) that I have come to cherish as a member of YDS. Personally speaking, I have had my fair share of experiences at MUNs, some of which I could go on about for days on end, but the bottom line is that MUN and YDS have the ability to define your schooling experience. For example, when I first joined in YDS in Year 3, I used to go into a cold shiver whenever I was asked to speak in front of crowds. In fairness that does still happen to this day, but at the very least my shivering (and emotions) are not as visible as they were 3 years ago.

At the end of the day, MUN is what you make it out to be, whether you’re there to ‘interact’ with members of the opposite gender, or to add another accolade to your CV, we leave that completely up to you.  Some of us go there for hours, and some of us are bold (or crazy) enough to take a flight to another country only to subject ourselves to more stress for 4 days (all of which end with a 2-hour rant session). However, regardless of what you wish to gain from being a part of YDS or MUN, we welcome you to be a part of YDS!

That being said, YDS also organises the International Model United Nations Conference (IMUNC) [https://imunc.org] and Middle East Summit (MES) [https://middleeastsummit.org] during the first week of the June Holidays which sees over 500 students decked in Western Business Attire running around our campus (most probably to get to our lunch buffet before the food vanishes). So if you wish to be a part of YDS (or IMUNC/MES) feel free to sign up at [https://tinyurl.com/ydssignups]

Written by Akshath Malik

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