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Not gonna lie: school can get pretty intense when it comes to studies. With EETOKIA constantly breathing down your neck, being able to manage stress is crucial- and AC Netball can help with that!
So if you’re looking for somewhere to release stress, learn a new skill or just maintain your fitness, AC Netball is for you. We have both a recreational and a competitive team, so whether you’re athletic or not there’s a place for you here. The recreational team focuses more on learning and practicing important netball skills, while the competitive team focuses on building connections amongst players by playing on court (full court matches, essentially) which is important for competition season.
With one training a week (two for the competitive team nearer to competition), we aren’t exactly the most intense team in the world. But netball isn’t just about winning: it’s about learning. We learn how to play the sport, learn how to communicate, and most importantly learn how to work together as a team.
Netball is an outdoor sport, so remember to bring your sunscreen so that you don’t get TOO tan. Luckily, training is usually from 3-6, meaning at the end of training you’ll get a nice cool breeze that is oh-so-refreshing!
So what are you waiting for? All you need is a pair of netball shoes, some sunscreen, and you’re ready to go!
Written by Joy Ku
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