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Christian Fellowship is more than a co-curricular activity, it is a ministry.

It serves to provide a platform for like minded Christians to gather for worship and fellowship. During CF sessions, we have a time of intercession, where we pray for one another as well as the school body, followed by a time of singspiration and sharing of the word. Through weekly gatherings, the community in Christian Fellowship grows and seeks to provide every member with the support and encouragement to go through challenging times. This community is one with whom we are comfortable to share about our faith, experiences and difficulties faced in our spiritual walk, without the fear of judgement.

In 2017, a new initiative, “Fellowship Day”, was started. Fellowship Day is a day solely for games and bonding activities, ending with an extended time of worship. It was started due to an increasing lack of interaction between members of the Christian Fellowship community, where interaction is mostly limited to within cell groups. As such, with the hope of allowing us to know each one in the community better, this initiative was carried out.
Christian Fellowship also plays a part in organising outreach events such as AC Night Of Worship (AC NOW), which is a time for ACSians, past and present, to worship our God as one body in Christ. However, upon noticing the pitfalls of having a one time spiritual high from a major event, we decided to have weekly morning worships. It is truly encouraging to see members of the CF community rise up to lead these worship sessions, and even more heartening to see non CF members join us for these worship sessions. It is our hope that our worship singing will draw others to know this God that we believe in, as well as provide Christians with a time of stillness before God, to refocus back on Him as we begin the day.

Through all these, we see the hand of God working and how His grace and strength is sufficient for us to walk in His way and will. We are thankful for God’s provision time and time again and the growth that He caused in our community. From here on, we continue to commit the work of our hands to God for indeed, unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labour in vain.

Written by Beverly Low

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