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Do you wish for a great way to destress after a long day of school? Do you have an undying passion for football that cannot be satisfied by recess games?

If so, the football CCA is just for you! Have fun with your friends playing and bantering at training while honing your skills and deepening your knowledge of the game.

Through the CCA, lifelong friendships are forged with teammates who share the same love for the sport as you, through years of intense trainings, hard-fought victories and bitter defeats as a team. We are a very welcoming band of brothers who strive to get better together, every year.

The CCA also comprises of a good mix of players previously playing competitively in their school teams, as well as players who do enjoy a good game of football in their free time or just enjoy having a game with their friends during breaks or PE, so anyone and everyone who enjoy playing the game are welcome!

Compared to other CCAs, our training schedule is far from hectic, with just two hour sessions twice weekly, on Tuesdays and Thursdays. They are definitely much needed breaks from the hectic and stressful school life, especially being able to spend it together with friends going through the same circumstances as you.

Overall, football is an awesome CCA, with each and every player being able to work on and
improve his game drastically as long as he is willing to make the effort to show up for trainings and give 100% in each one, while being able to forge some of the closest friendships with the people you will be playing alongside on the field.

Written by Ryan Ho and Brandon Thio

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