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“If something is important enough, you should try even though the probable outcome is failure”Elon Musk, Founder Tesla/Space

What is entrepreneurship? A person who organises and manages an enterprise, especially a business, often with considerable initiative and risk.

The Young Entrepreneurship Society (YES) was set up in ACS (I) in 2017 to inculcate the entrepreneurship mindset in its students, and empower them to become catalysts, innovators and change-makers. Teaching them a skill set that would allow them to solve real world problems, YES seeks to make students an asset to any community they are in.

An entrepreneur is a big and scary term (and also a term I frequently misspell). At its core, however, it essentially refers to somebody who has

  • The ability to take (calculated) risks,
  • The confidence to undertake any challenge in their path,
  • And most importantly, the ability to bounce back from adversities, nay-sayers and seize victory even when the odds are stacked against them.

YES aims to convert ACSians in our midst to individuals who possess the above qualities by equipping them with the right tools. Our members participate in a host of activities to this end, including:

  • Host workshops, where entrepreneurs and industry leaders are invited to provide first hand exposure to the world of entrepreneurship
  • Entrepreneur panels, where any ACSian, part of YES or not, can attend a session where 2-3 entrepreneurs from different fields are called down to ACS to provide an intimate environment where they share tips, experience and stories and where students can ask them real and honest questions about their journeys,
  • Learning journeys, where students would visit entrepreneurial hotbeds such as the JTC Launchpad at one north which hosts over 50 start-ups, allowing students to experience ‘start up’ culture and see real-life defiance of the ‘9-5’ work schedule.

The process of starting YES in ACSI was not an easy one. 8 months of planning, proposals and really good BS’ing finally allowed us to get the green light by the senior admin. In a matter of 2 weeks (the first 2 weeks of 2017), we had set up an exco, outlined the year’s events and prepared the curriculum for the students. By the end of February, we had close to 35 full time members. Convincing Y5’s to sign up for this new CCA was one of the hardest tasks we undertook. No prior achievements, awards or competitions portrayed us as a ‘shady YDS’ knockoff but I am very grateful to my team as well as the teachers and Y5’s who had faith in us and took the plunge and signed up for YES.

I am certain that going forth, YES will equip its members with the skills to impact the world. If we can teach our fellow members to step up to a challenge no matter the odds, instill the confidence to tackle seemingly impossible tasks, and never be beaten down by adversities but instead view them as blessings in disguise, then my purpose behind the creation of this club would be fulfilled.


Mantej Singh is a second year IB student at Anglo Chinese School (Independent). Mantej is deeply passionate about entrepreneurship and serves as the president of the Young Entrepreneurship society (YES) at ACS (I). His niche interest lies in using technology to impact humanity. In his free time, he runs his own company, Lyfeband ( with his 2 co-founders! Mantej also enjoys running cross country and reading literature (not at the same time though!)

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