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Hey Year 1s!

We’re one month into the school year. Here’s some tips on how to navigate ACSI’s waters and make the most of your time here from your seniors who have walked the path ahead of you:

The school seems big on the first day of school, but fear not as it’s going to be a place where you will experience many exciting things (and after a while you will definitely be familiar with the ACS (I) Campus haha). Also don’t be afraid if you don’t know many people, just be yourself and try to get to know the people in your class, as you never know some may be really fun and interesting and may eventually be your lifelong friends.

All the best!! (:

– Timothy Goh, 2.08 (2015)

One of the first things you will notice in terms of schoolwork in secondary school is the number of group projects you will have. Always make sure that all of your group members stay engaged and focus on their respective tasks. Sometimes, it might seem like it’s less of a hassle to simply do all the work by yourself, but trust me, all that does is make you easier to exploit.
That aside, a far more important piece of advice, which you’re more likely to use on a daily basis, is that instead of getting a can of milo at the drinks stalls at the SAC, ask for a cup. It costs the same, but contains far more milo. You’ll thank me later.

Hope you enjoy your time in ACS (I)!

– Drishtant Chakraborty, 2.10 (2015)


Hi Year 1s, welcome to ACS (Independent)!

Don’t worry, I know that coming to a secondary school as “prominent” as ours is sure to be daunting, (don’t worry it was the same for me HAHA) but I’m sure that you guys will be able to cope just fine. Now for some differences between primary school and secondary school: first off, there is gonna be ALOT more work to do, piles of homework, filing, project deadlines and the like. On the bright side though, there will always be seniors and peers that are always ready to help you along the way, as well as many good teachers that are very committed to their work (you may have to bug some for more comprehensive advice but I’ll let you guys figure out who those are for yourselves). By the way, it is of utmost importance that you socialise with the rest of your class and get to know them well, and I mean REALLY WELL. Make some good friends and don’t leave anyone out. Now for the cardinal rule: have fun!

– Matthew Yeo, 2.08 (2015)

Hey guys, just some friendly advice from a senior.

There are some new subjects that will be added to your workload like History and Geography. But I don’t think you guys are worried about that. What you don’t want to be doing is getting overconfident. The way you phrase your answers, the way you sort out information, everything has to be perfected beforehand. So especially for Year 1’s, revision is crucial if you want to score. This is what I regretted not doing in Year 1 and what I had to do a lot of in Year 2 to catch up.

Another thing to note, start relying on your friends. They may not know it all but you may find that getting taught by your friends is much more fun and sometimes much more effective than cramming by yourself.

That being said, enjoy yourself and start managing your time ’cause as you progress, the workload and pressure only increases.

– Brendan Wang, 2.10 (2015)

And, very concisely:

Good luck, have fun!

– Teo Chen Wei, 2.05 (2015)

There’s definitely much more to school than this. As you explore the school yourselves, forge your own friendships and shape your own journeys in AC, the team at Year to Year wishes you all the best!

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