CCA Snapshot: Symphonic Band

Symphonic Band

The Symphonic Band is about learning a new instrument and making music with others. But, you would also be able to make new friends and bond with them which I find is very important too. As a CCA that takes up more time than others, you would spend a lot of your time with your section mates. This would give you the opportunity for you to interact with others and also make lifelong friendships.

Generally, the days we have practices for the Year 1s are on Tuesday and Saturday. On Tuesday, the schedule would be after school from 3 pm to 6 pm while the timing on Saturday is 8 am to 1 pm. As members who just joined the band, we would get a professional conductor to teach them the basics of music and how to play their instruments well. During this stage, they would be practising separately from the seniors and would be called the intermediate band. However, during the month of March and April, the practises would get only slightly more frequent as the festival of Arts would be coming up soon. This would be their first concert with the band and would also be a stepping stone for them as they can finally understand the satisfaction felt after completing a concert with so many days of hard work and effort leading to it. Clearly thats not all. During the month of July and August, there would be the junior band graduation recital during the first half of August which would cause their practices to increases. That should be the general outline of the whole year but there might be more surprises…….

As said in the briefing made about us, ANYBODY can join. Even those who do not even know about any instruments can join. For example, I have a friend who joined band due to his passion for music and for the fun of it. He has never played a instrument before but after two years of being in band, he is now awesome at his instrument and is now one of the Section leaders. This shows that anybody can join band regardless of your background.

I hope you would consider this CCA as it is one where you can have fun and also learn something interesting!

Zach Chan (4.10), Band Major of the Symphonic Band, is from the graduating batch of 2019.

Photo by Chan Jun Yi

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