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Science Research Challenge

Science Research Challenge (SRC) is a closely knit group of people who have but one thing in common; exceptional passion and love for Science. Our zeal can be seen through our desire to extend our learning beyond textbooks and constantly push the limits of our own minds. Our aim is thus singular and clear: to provide an avenue for the fulfillment and satiation of our members’ endless hunger for knowledge.

SRC wants to ensure that our members are allowed to experience challenges throughout their journey by giving them the opportunity to participate in both national and international competitions. In order to better prepare them for these competitions, SRC is divided into 4 categories: Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Research.

For Physics, Chemistry and Biology, one of the most significant experiences that the members will have are the annual Singapore Physics Olympiad, Singapore Chemistry Olympiad and Singapore Biology Olympiad respectively. For Research there are numerous events every year, namely Singapore Science and Engineering Fair, Google Science Fair, Singapore Junior Water Prize and many, many more.


We ensure that our members get clear direction and guidance in order to do and be their best at these competitions by providing the training that they would require.

There will be weekly trainings held by teachers and seniors for the Physics and Chemistry Olympiads. For the Biology Olympiad, there will be be regular and frequent meet-up sessions nearer to the Olympiad itself.

For the more demanding and rigorous Research and Engineering competitions and fairs, that necessitate specialized training, members will be under the skillful tutelage of seniors that have previously taken part in the aforementioned competitions. These trainings will be conducted on an ad-hoc basis, nearer to the competitions date itself.


Our members will have the enriching experience of being a part of a community of like-minded yet diverse range of people. This is because while we all have a common fervent love for science, we have different backgrounds and even different fields of interest within science itself! Members are ensured a fulfilling and meaningful journey in their quest for scientific cognizance and appreciation.

Some people presume that you need to posses appreciable scientific or mathematical erudition in order to be a part of our community. They are HIGHLY mistaken! There is a sole prerequisite for members: Hunger. A hunger for Science, a hunger for knowing more, a hunger for pushing their own limits.

Scientific excellence is but a result of the temporary satiation of this hunger. We say temporary as this is a hunger that never truly ends, and can never wholly be satiated.

SRC provides its members to take part in many competitions. A brief list of these competitions is as follows.


  • Singapore Biology, Chemistry and Physics Olympiad
  • Singapore Junior Biology, Chemistry and Physics Olympiad
  • International Biology, Chemistry and Physics Olympiad

Science Quizzes

  • National Science Challenge
  • ACJC CB Paul Memorial Quiz
  • Raffles Institution Science Eureka
  • Creative and Heuristic Applications of Science (CHAOS)

Biology Quizzes

  • ACJC-NUS International Bio-medical Olympiad
  • Singapore Brain Bee
  • International Brain Bee
  • GMAC Students Challenge

Physics Quizzes

  • Singapore Young Physicists Tournament
  • International Young Physicists Tournament
  • Singapore Engineering Physics Challenge

Engineering Challenges

  • Amazing Lab Race
  • Singapore Amazing Machine Competition
  • Amazing Science-X Challenge (ASXC)

Science Fairs

  • Singapore Science and Engineering Fair
  • International Science and Engineering Fair
  • Google Science Fair
  • Singapore Junior Water Prize
  • Stockholm Junior Water Prize
  • Greenwave
  • Singapore Youth Science Festival
  • NUS-SRP Fair
  • NTU-NRP Fair

Aarini Bhatia (6.13) is from the graduating batch of 2016.

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