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Interact Club is a student club organised under the auspices of the Rotary Club of Singapore, comprised of students with a compassionate heart and who wish to serve the needy. In ACS (Independent), the club takes in members from Year 3 onwards. Most of our projects are Values in Action (VIA) in nature given our strong community focus. ACSI Interact Club aims to make these projects meaningful, fun, interesting, and most of all: life-changing.

In Interact Club, all our community-based projects are carried out in groups which build confidence and courage as the members serve those who are disadvantaged or marginalised in society. When you take on a project, not only will you feel a great sense of accomplishment from serving the needy, but you will also you build sturdy bonds and forge friendships with those that you are serving alongside.

We have distinctive and unusual VIA opportunities which you will most definitely find interest in. This year, one of the most unique VIA opportunities we had was helping the elderly through Wii (yes, the Nintendo game console!!!). From usual opportunities like helping the elderly clean their homes to participating in Durian Festivals, Interact provides a wide spectrum of service opportunities where you can put your talents, youth and vitality to good use.

Fixing drainage systems, painting murals, teaching children English, Math and Science in Cambodia, planning projects with NUS Medicine students, performing surgery on a banana, making cement, crafting terrariums, sweeping the floor of a basement that has never been cleaned for three years, sparking hope and happiness – above is the list of things that I have accomplished in Interact so far – an abridged version. You will be able to experience more activities than the ones listed here, if you have a strong and sincere heart to serve.

Therefore, the only prerequisite to join Interact Club is a heart of service.  

As per every CCA, our club has some requirements. Club meetings for Interactors take place once every two weeks (bi-weekly). Moreover, upon your choice during the weekdays, you will be going to a service centre or a beneficiary to conduct VIA activities. We serve a wide spectrum of beneficiaries such as the elderly, underprivileged children or academically weak secondary school students. Both the club meeting and the VIA activity are compulsory.

As a senior who has been attending this school for five years, I find that our school’s CCAs are the best in Singapore in their respective positions. However, you will only resonate with that statement when you display passion in your incumbent CCA. I advise you to stay passionate and pick a maximum of two CCAs you can handle with your studies. If your choice is Interact Club, we will ensure that you will have an unforgettable, fulfilling, and meaningful experience in ACS(Independent) Interact Club.

James Ahn (6.16), President of the Interact Club 2016, is from the graduating batch of 2016.

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