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Environment Focus Group

As ACSians, we pride ourselves in being part of an institution we proclaim as a Beacon of Truth and Light. Be it blazing trails across the global arena wherever we may set foot, kindling flames across Singapore, or just illuminating the small community around us along Dover Road, I do believe we have the power to change. But how much of this truth and light do we truly impart to the world around us?

The Environment Focus Group (EFG) aims to address this question by providing students with a platform to do their part for environmental conservation. It is a vibrant, dynamic and inclusive CCA that seeks to spur its members in (a) understanding the critical reasons for why environmental conservation is an urgent issue, (b) using the opportunities provided by EFG to do their part for environmental conservation and (c) sharing this knowledge with the community around them to further the cause of environmental conservation.

In the year of 2016, there are many exciting EFG events to look forward to! Learn more about what you can do in your own capacity to take responsibility for the environment during our annual March Camp, centred on the theme of Climate Change. Challenge yourself, and your friends, in an exciting line-up of games and activities that focus on global warming and its prevention. Engage with the surrounding community during Earth Hour, an outreach programme that involves Dover residents and aims to educate families on the importance of environmental preservation. Be an advocate for change during Youth for the Environment Day (YED), a nation-wide event that our school is proud to be part of every year. Besides from these key events, there will be many other opportunities to pursue your passion for the environment – come with an open mind and keep your eyes peeled for more information on other events!

Undoubtedly, environmental change is not an easy dream to achieve. Major factors such as political will and the role of firms are factors that we as students have negligible clout over (for now!). However, EFG stands for student empowerment, and we think it is possible – by educating ourselves and then sharing this knowledge and raising awareness amongst our community, we hope that we can change existing perspectives on environmental conservation, and encourage people to make distinct changes in their lifestyles to reduce their carbon footprint.

Back to the question – how much truth and light do we impart to the world around us? This ‘world’ does not necessarily have to refer to a global context; being able to influence our school community or the community our school is built in is enough, as long as we can effect change. The ‘inconvenient truth’ of the earth’s decay needs to be seen and heard, and it is crucial that people see the light – let us be a beacon of it.

Sarah Lu (6.17), President of the Environment Focus Group for 2015-16, is from the graduating batch of 2016.

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