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What are you willing to do? Anglo-Chinese School Independent Stage (ACSIS) is looking far and wide for peculiar, passionate, and proactive members who are willing to break out of your comfort zone and enter a new dimension. Every Wednesday, you will be thrown into acting activities that require gusto, wackiness and an unabashed demeanour. But you will always have someone to do these otherworldly things with. In ACSIS you will learn more than just act, here you will design and build sets, make props and create costumes. This is where ideas are brought to life. This specific set of skills will be acquired for the upcoming Singapore Youth Festival and the July Production later this year. If the stage speaks to your soul, if the costumes call your name and the words seizes your chest with visceral sensations, ACSIS is the place for you.

Who do you want to become? A child tormented by demented circus performers, perhaps or the Minister of the town Salem or maybe the King/Queen of Faeries. Most importantly, this is where you can be unapologetically yourself. This is where your talent is honed in the comfort of the makeshift home.  Take the stage, seize the role, unleash and explore facets of yourself that you never knew existed.  As much as its members take on various roles, each person within ACSIS is a unique character. With a wild imagination, determination and an equally passionate troupe, anything is possible for you when you live life center stage.

What do we do in ACSIS? Besides being boisterous and benevolent, we have the annual Assortments showcased in the earlier part of the year. Assortments is a performance left to the creative direction of the various groups. Every word, every scene and even the lighting is up to the discretion of the members. In 2015, ACSIS, in conjunction with ACS Drama Club, produced an emotionally toiling narrative of the Salem Witch Trials called ‘Salem’. The July production tested the perceptions that the club only produced ‘feel good’ performances. In 2016, our July production will be Midsummer’s Night Dream by William Shakespeare. It is a seemingly playful production with dark undertones. Our Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) showcase will be a spinoff-act from Midsummer’s Night Dream entitled ‘Pyramus and Thisby’. The focus has shifted from the four lovers to the stock characters: the Mechanicals.

Nasyrah Rohim (6.17) is from the graduating batch of 2016.

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