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Media Resource

Media Resource. Commonly abbreviated to just ‘MR’, this CCA operates the sound, lighting and visual equipment of the school, week in and week out.

Have you ever wondered how long the morning assembly song is? Or what goes on backstage during chapel, concerts and FOA performances? These are just small snippets of the knowledge and skills each member acquires during his/her time with MR, in addition to the fellowship we have and camaraderie we build in the control room.

One hears the uplifting chords of Hillsong Young and Free’s newest hit playing over the speakers at the Space Frame before morning assembly. At events and celebrations, one hears prospective singers and musicians “do their thing” in front of a (usually) cheering audience. And last but not least, one hears the speaker’s dulcet tones during chapel. These are aspects of our daily ACS lives we take for granted, but how many of us stop to think of what makes all this possible? (That is, aside from when the bass dies onstage)

Someone has to be there early to make sure mics are in the right place, at the right time. Someone has to make sure everything is connected properly. Someone has to troubleshoot if something goes wrong.

That’s what we do. Our members handle sound, lighting, and visual equipment for the school’s ever-growing list of events and celebrations. They learn to make a speaker’s voice stand out more, operate intelligent moving lights and stationary lighting fixtures, and equalise a singer’s voice  to make him or her sound even better.

And what of the commitment?

Members come to school early twice a month to perform regular duties. One for morning assembly, and the other for Chapel. Everything else, be it Founders’ Day Parade, Teachers’ Day, Chinese New Year, or anything else, is on a voluntary basis.

Training is done in two ways. Sometimes, we ask members to come down in the afternoon to learn how to operate a piece of equipment, be it a sound board, a lighting console, or a spotlight. Most of the time, however, members learn through experience, through improvising and operating equipment on the job.

Prior experience is not required, though it would be nice. All we want in a new member is really just a heart of service and the willingness to do duty for events.

Have you ever wanted to learn how venues run their events? Have you ever wanted to be the light that runs events smoothly? Have you ever wanted to be the backbone of a show? Then Media Resource is the place for you.

If you have any queries, please email them to

Leslie Quek, Vice-President of the Media Resource Team from 2014, is from the graduating batch of 2017.

Photo taken by Joshua Sin (6.14)

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