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A very warm welcome to ACS (Independent) from the NPCC Unit! As you probably know by now, it is compulsory for almost everyone to take up two Co-Curricular Activities, one of which must be a uniformed group. As such, here are some things you might want to know about our school’s NPCC Unit before making a decision.

What Is NPCC All About?

The official mission of the National Police Cadet Corps is to “develop [its] members to be active citizens and community leaders, by working in partnership with Singapore Police Force to fight crime and keep Singapore safe”. If you want to know more about Singapore’s Police Force, or how you can be prepared and vigilant in day-to-day life, then NPCC might just be for you!

As an NPCC cadet, you will acquire Police Knowledge and learn about Crime Prevention. You will also be supplemented with information and skills from various courses, such as the Civil Defence, Anti-Narcotics, Homefront Security and Crime Scene Investigation courses. As such, you will be better equipped with relevant knowledge and skills, to play your part as an active citizen in maintaining Singapore’s security.

Apart from that, the NPCC experience also aims to develop your leadership skills. Trainings, camps, courses and competitions provide ample opportunity to realise your leadership potential, and strive for personal development.

In summary, your four-year journey in NPCC develops you to be aware of yourself and others, acquire skills and knowledge, actuate as a leader, and ultimately aspire to serve as a cadet leader.

What Is A Typical NPCC Training Like?

Training sessions typically lasts three hours, and you can expect one or more of the following to be conducted in each session: drill trainings, campcraft lessons, games, and physical training.

Ever felt inspired watching the National Day Parade every year? Now you can learn the art of ceremonial drill too! As a cadet, you will first be taught basic foot drills, before progressing to baton drills, and finally mastering arms (rifle) drills, through the course of your four-year NPCC journey.

If you ever need shelter, basic tent-pitching skills just might come in handy. During campcraft lessons, you will learn the fundamentals of knots and lashings, before being taught how to erect a standard six-man-tent. Some are even taught how to construct a fully functional flagstaff, or simple gadgets such as shoe racks and clothes racks from just wooden dowel poles and cotton twine.

Besides the aforementioned activities, NPCC training also seeks to keep your physical fitness in check, and inculcate skills which you may find yourself in need of. Physical and recreational training include the usual runs and basic exercises, as well as ultimate frisbee, captain’s ball and other mass games. During overnight camps, other lessons such as fire starting, field cooking, shelter building and adventure training are conducted. These activities seek to inculcate discipline, promote fitness and foster teamwork in every cadet.

What Is The NPCC Training Schedule Like?

As with most UGs in ACS (Independent), training is held every Friday, in our case from 3-6pm. On top of that, courses and competitions occasionally take place on weekday afternoons, weekends, and during school holidays. You can also expect several compulsory overnight camps over the course of your life in NPCC, which serve to provide adventure training, survival training and leadership training.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is NPCC a “slack” CCA?

A: Quite frankly, the answer is a straight-out “No”. High standards of discipline are maintained and required of cadets during NPCC trainings and activities. That being said, NPCC trainings are not overly “hardcore”. Your safety and well-being is of utmost importance, and will never be compromised in the course of your NPCC journey.

Q: Is NPCC all about drills and drills only?

A: Drills are an integral part of NPCC. However, though it is true that heavy emphasis is placed on drills, there are also many other items included in NPCC trainings, such as the aforementioned campcraft lessons, physical training and games.

Q: Do I need to be a Singaporean Citizen or PR to join NPCC?

A: No. Being a Singaporean Citizen or PR is not a requirement for NPCC membership.

Some Unique NPCC Experiences

Perhaps the highlight of being an NPCC cadet is the revolver shoot organised for every Year 2 and Year 3 cadet annually. You will have a first-hand experience firing the Smith & Wesson .22 Revolver, and have the rare opportunity of shooting a firearm. Also, you will be awarded the Marksmanship Badge at Year 3, upon adequate performance.

Besides that, all cadets also attend two 3-Day-2-Night camps at Year 2 and Year 3, namely the Adventure Training Camp and Survival Training Camp respectively. They are held at the NPCC Campsite in Pulau Ubin. These camps are held in conjunction with NPCC units from other schools, and provide opportunities for cadets to get to know their peers from other units outside ACS (Independent).

In addition, different schools frequently organise their own NPCC competitions at an inter-unit level. These include a whole range of activities, from sports such as basketball and soccer, to board games like Monopoly and even Jenga!

The most intangible, yet arguably most important things you can expect to take away from your four years in NPCC are the bonds you will forge with your NPCC cohort. Going through different activities in a UG together makes for close friendships you will build with your squadmates, one that you will never experience anywhere else.

To End Off…

NPCC provides a whole range of activities which seek to push the limits, instil discipline, foster teamwork and develop leadership in each and every cadet. As such, if you wish to challenge yourself and develop yourself as a person, then place NPCC as your first choice. Hope to see you as a cadet in our ACS (Independent) NPCC family!

Wang Yifan (4.11) and Erik Nam (4.18) are both from the graduating batch of 2017. They are both Cadet Inspectors in NPCC.

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