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Mr Chooi Khee Wai is the Director of Talent Development in our school and coordinates the Project Hi-5 Programme for Year 4 students entering into the IBDP. We have queried Mr Chooi about the essential information on the programme, and we hope that this short but insightful FAQ would be helpful. See you in Year 5!


  1. General Information
  2. Internships/Attachments
  3. MGS


  1. General Information


What is Project Hi5! all about?

The Project Hi5! Programme seeks to prepare Year 4 Integrated Programme (IP) students for the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP). It adopts a multi-prong approach; enlighten students on the IBDP curriculum framework so that they can make informed choices on their educational options pertaining to their career aspirations, and teach students important life skills so that they can excel in their IBDP and future endeavours. All these will be accomplished in a 3-week succession of core modules.

In addition, students will participate in various personal development modules and opt to participate in work attachments with voluntary organizations, government agencies or businesses and industries. The attachment allows students to discover or affirm their strengths and blind spots, and develops the important skills, values and attitudes for him to succeed in the years ahead.


What made the school introduce Project Hi5! ?

The reasons can be found in the response to the first question (above). There were many students in the first few cohorts of IBDP who struggled through their last two years. Many of them lack the skills required such as public speaking in their TOK or IOC presentations, or failed to meet deadlines. A student from an early cohort had to take his HL Biology while serving his NS so that he could apply to study Medicine. He had, originally, taken only HL Chemistry and SL Biology examinations.


I know my subject combination for next year. Do I still go?

 Project Hi 5! is more than just knowing what subjects one wants to study in IBDP. It is about equipping oneself with the pertinent skills to do well in IBDP and beyond.


What are the range of programmes and activities available during Hi-5?

The activities include workshops and sharing sessions involving communication skills, leadership, further education, project management and interview skills. A handout is always given prior to the start of Project Hi 5!.


Are there any special guest speakers or organisations?

The “Body, Mind and Soul” component is helmed by our Chaplain, Rev Aaron Tay, our Parent Support Group Chairman who is also a clinical psychologist, Dr Danny Ng, and an alumnus from the pioneer batch of IB students who is now a medical practitioner, Dr Benjamin Tan. There is also session by our seniors to share on their IBDP experiences. The school also managed to engage the service of a professional groomer to teach our students interview skills. In addition, GIC sponsors the Thinkscape Simulation Games, a session where students learn entrepreneurship and investment, SGH conducts the workshops on CPR and use of AED, while HCA Hospice Care runs the session on volunteerism and community service to the elderly invalids.


  1. Internship/Attachment

What are the internship/attachment opportunities made available through Hi-5?

There are more than 260 students to cater to. It is definitely not possible to provide opportunities to so many students. We do have a partnership with the Singapore Youth Flying Club for no more than 20 of our students to be enrolled in flying lessons. A few organisations, mainly from contacts through OBA or parents, have stepped forward to host our students.


How are the internship selections conducted if there are limited spaces?

Usually the places are limited and selection will be based in character and interests. Otherwise, the students will be selected based in first-come, first-served basis.


  1. MGS

Will Hi-5 be organised with the MGS IP students this year?

Yes, for a start, 60 IP girls will join us for 3 to 4 days. We hope our boys will rise to the occasion to be gentlemen of sound character and good values.


How would MGS be involved in Hi-5?

Their IP girls will participate alongside with our gentlemen in some of the modules. However, as they are not actually our students yet, there is a limit on how much we can impose on the girls.


I have never talked to a girl before, what do I do?

I am sorry if you are from the icy cold Planet Mars. You have to be down to Earth, put on your glasses and start talking to your sisters or female cousins.

Mr Chooi Khee Wai has been coordinating the Hi5! Programme since its inception in 2013. If you have any further queries, please feel free to contact him at

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