This website exists only through the altruism and openness of seniors in offering their time and experiences to help write the articles found here. We’d like to thank the following people who’ve contributed to this site in one way or another:

    Class of 2013
    Anne Lim
    Joel Sherard
    Moira Low

    Class of 2014
    Augustine Choy
    Brigitte Fang
    Claudia Tay
    Jeremy Lim
    Jonathan Chan
    Jonathan Yip
    Kevin Wong
    Kieran Ethan Tan
    Lin Xiao Hao
    Louiza Pittas
    Matthew Ryan
    Mitchell Leon
    Nikhil Sundaraj
    Shaun Fu
    Alex Cheah
    David Chian
    Lavender Chia
    Samuel Lim
    Bernice Tan
    Jeria Kua
    Ashley Wan
    Lee Kay Howe
    Bernadette Yeo
    Ariff Izzudin
    Ruth Tai
    Zhang Jing Yao
    Nishant Verma
    Renee Tay
    Arjun Dhar
    Daniel Koh
    Shao Yuan
    Jonathan Boey
    Brandon Lim
    Nicola Chew
    Daniel Ng
    Abhinav Raman
    Shreya Kittur
    Sparsh Nagar
    Sanjana Ayagari
    Arjun Dhar
    Liu Chang Shuo
    Enzo Buttazzoni

    Class of 2015
    Amanda Ng
    Arthur Tan
    Beverly Yeap
    Chloe Liang
    Claire Soh
    Gracia Leong
    Joie Tan
    Lisa Ngiam
    Nishan Ravi Nekoo
    Peck Hsiao Tyng
    Shianne Goh
    Wu Yu Lun
    Giulia Pulvirenti
    Tan Gian Yon
    Kevin Leong
    Dylan Chan
    Christopher Low
    Bryan Zhou
    Carissa Soon
    Gavin Goh
    Arthur Lee
    Chua Yun Da
    Tan Aik Hui

    Class of 2016
    Alyssa Ling
    Ng Chee Meng

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