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Dear MG Junior,

Welcome to AC!!! Firstly, congratulations on coming from the best school ever HAHA half of your battle in life is already won because you are an MG girl. I hope I’m not being a downer, but there is no school you will ever attend that tops MG. All the same, though, if there were one school that you had to attend after an amazing one like MG, it would be AC! Which is pretty cool too in its own ways.

Here are some things that you’re going to have to get used to in AC:

  • We don’t address teacher by surname (eg, Ms. Tan or Mr. Lim), we just call everyone Sir and Madam
  • SAC food is really expensive and oily (but the SAC is air-conditioned)
  • Actually everything is air-conditioned
  • There’s no yong tau foo, there’s no chee cheong fun, there’s no bao (unless you search hard enough)
  • Just For Mee is kind of like Red Bowl!!
  • AC plays a song to chase people down for assembly too, but you’re allowed to bring your bag to assembly (some teachers don’t let you, though) and the song isn’t as intense as the “Let everything that has life praise the Lord/HALLELUJAH” song (at least that was the song they played when I was still in MG)
  • There’s morning devotions and weekly chapel still, but they’re just not the same as that in MG?
  • Every week at chapel we sing the same song to close
  • We say the pledge in all 4 languages
  • We don’t sing the school song during morning assembly but we sing it after Chapel and after school events
  • Fun fact: if you sing the AC and MG school songs simultaneously, they mash up quite nicely
  • The uniform is really tight and unflattering
  • The boys change in class and we now change in the toilet…
  • You don’t have to leave your phone in your locker
  • Guys are everywhere and they’re always sweaty
  • Nobody really gives presents to their teachers on Teachers’ Day, it’s quite depressing
  • In general, celebrations (like National Day, Youth Day, etc.) are not like MG at all. There aren’t any class performances either
  • The pigeon holes are inside the staffroom
  • There are really few all-girls sports teams
  • Toilets are really clean and the sinks are automated!
  • All the watercoolers only dispense really cold water
  • The track is more useless than our 300m track
  • There is swim PE and it’s 10x more awkward
  • The bookshop is not at all like a tiny little cute shop like in MG
  • Form teachers aren’t called “form teachers and co-form teachers” they’re called CTs (class teachers) and PCTs (pastoral care teachers)
  • PC is kind of like GEL
  • AC boys love saying their school motto and they get really intense about bleeding blue, red and gold and hashtagging it (#TGBTG #TBIYTB)
  • The guys never return their plates, but please don’t become like them – MG has taught you to be responsible humans, don’t let AC corrupt that
  • The floors in the old block are known by colours instead of numbers, and it will always be confusing/weird (blue level, red level, yellow level, etc.)
  • You will be treated a lot more like children
  • But it’s okay, because in general the guys get scolded for doing dumb things, and you won’t seem so bad

That’s about all I can think of for now. I think this entire write-up has been incredibly biased towards MG, but it’s true: once an MG girl, always an MG girl. Don’t be afraid to bring your MG-ness to AC, and to use whatever you’ve learned in MG to create positive change wherever you go (: You’ve been prepared by the best teachers and made friends that you’ll keep for life in MG, and with all that, I think you’re ready for IB.

All the best and have fun (:

Bernadette Yeo is from the graduating batch of 2014 and studied in MGS from 2008-2012.

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