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Information courtesy of the Orientation 2015 Committee.

List is arranged in alphabetical order. Do note that the list of CCAs covered under here is not exhaustive and may not cover every CCA that the school offers. Do contact us at our Facebook page if you wish to contribute an article for your CCA if it has been missed out!

CCA Description
Acapella The A Cappella Society is more than just a choir. Our repertoire not only includes hymns and choral music, but also a wide genre of songs ranging from the hip Chinese music, to the exciting pop styles of PENTATONIX. Although we aren’t a competition choir, the A Cappella Society will provide endless opportunities to record music in professional settings, to produce your very own arrangements, and even perform in front of international audiences. Sounds cool? It’s like a real-life version of Pitch Perfect right in your own school!
Why should you join the A Cappella Society? Simply put, if you have a passion for singing, this CCA will leave you with no regrets. Every session is one of jamming and making music with people of similar passions and talents. You won’t be bored and you’ll definitely have lots of fun. Ray Bradbury once said, ‘Do what you love, and love what you do.’ If you love singing, we promise only the best experiences.
Trainings are twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 4pm to 6/6.30pm. There will be auditions held after Orientation 2015. We look forward to seeing you there!-       Josephine Kong
Chinese Performing Arts Club Externally, CPAC aims to provide excellently crafted and meticulously fine-tuned performances that exhibit values in arts and culture. There are two divisions in our Chinese Performing Arts Club (CPAC), Drama and Festive Drum. Drama division participates in the biennial Singapore Youth Festival (which will be held in late April, 2015) and showcases the piece in school after the competition. Every other year, CPAC holds the intraschool Festival of Arts (FOA) performance. In the meantime, Festive Drum division performs on various major occasions such as our school’s Founder’s Day and Honours Day celebrations as an uplifting prologue. Professional instructors who are capable of bringing insight and development in students are engaged in both divisions.
Internally, CPAC is dedicated to skill acquisition and character building of all students. Opportunities are available for the acquisition of certain specialized skills including media resource, stage designing, props making and acting. Moreover, activities in CPAC also serve to reinforce integrity, persistence, self-discipline, team spirit and leadership. I would say that CPAC is a true big family to all its members and teachers.
All in all, CPAC is definitely a place for personal enrichment, character development, and last but not least, tons of fun! Join us and we will take you through an unforgettable journey.-Huang Shenyang
Christian Fellowship Christian Fellowship (CF) is an interdenominational, student-led ministry committed to seeing Christ’s kingdom come right here in the heart of ACS(I). Our vision is to be a Christ-centered community, living out our faith in worship, prayer and discipleship.
This is a warm community that is open to all, where you can find encouragement and growth in the grace and knowledge of God. In CF, we learn to love and serve one another, while partnering with God to reach out to friends and bless the school community through tangible acts of kindness. This is a place where we can encounter God in worship and learn to move in the Spirit.
Through prayer, corporate worship, sharing of the Word and outreach, we learn to live a Kingdom lifestyle as students, and seek for revival to sweep through this school once again.
During our tenure in ACS(I), let us obey God’s call to not only hold fast to the faith, but also make a difference in the school. There are no prerequisites. Come just as you are, ready to be blown away by the God who calls Himself Love.
Join us every Monday afternoon from 4 to 6pm at the Youth Hub!-Sia Chin Leong
Dance Dance Venia is a relatively new CCA in ACSI, but we have been growing from strength to strength every year. Venia is a Latin word meaning ‘In God’s Grace’. Unlike many other dance groups, we have had the opportunity to try our hand at a diverse range of genres, rather than specializing in one specific genre. To date, we have tried Hip Hop, Jazz, Contemporary, Modern, Ballet and even Salsa. For Dance Venia, the highlight of 2014 was undoubtedly our Festival of Arts showcase, Living Dance/Dancing Lives in August, which was completely sold out two months before the performance. Months of our hard work and preparation cumulated in an remarkable showcase, capturing the diversity of dance and the versatility of our dancers.
The members of Dance Venia are united in a common passion and dedication for dance. With no prior experience necessary, this dance family is open to anyone with a genuine interest in dance.-Shaila Narendran
Environmental Focus Group The Environment Focus Group (EFG) is a very vibrant, dynamic and inclusive CCA that serves as a platform for anyone who is passionate or interested in saving the environment. Our CCA is large in number, with more than a hundred members.
EFG holds many events every year such as: “Gift a plant” where we sold and delivered plants bought by students and attached would be anonymous messages to their friends, “Earth hour” where we had an exciting line up of night games and our annual EFG camp. Our many events enable every member of our CCA to have ample opportunity to exercise student leadership as each member will be given the opportunity to sign up to participate and facilitate these events.
EFG is a CCA that not only aims to impact the environment through our own efforts and raising awareness amongst the student body, but wishes to create a sense of closeness and strong bonds between our members as we strive for a cleaner and greener school environment.-Ariane Kea
Guitar Orchestra Hello and welcome to ACS (Independent)! You made the right choice to be part of this wonderful family J. Like all the new students who join this school, are you concerned about choosing the wrong CCA that you may have to attend for 2 long years? Or are you worried that you may not have enough CAS (Creativity, Action and Service) hours? Fret not, Guitar Orchestra is here for you! You just need to have a passion for music and you will be part of this wonderful orchestra. We don’t discriminate those who don’t have musical background or those who have just heard of the word ‘guitar’ after reading the fifth sentence. All are welcome to join the GO family! Don’t worry about the CAS hours because we will ensure that you have enough to survive through IB J There are so many special things about our GO, but there is not enough space here to tell you all those things… Join Guitar Orchestra if you are curious! tongue emoticon
Hope you enjoy the rest of your orientation!!-Kim Do Hyun
Health and Fitness Want to remain fit and healthy all year round? Health and fitness is a great club that allows you to do that! The CCA is conducted in the school’s gym and usually takes place every Tuesday and Wednesday.
The gym is well equipped with exercise equipment and is a great place to tone up. I feel that Health and Fitness helped me to remain fit throughout year 5. Furthermore, by going to the gym as a CCA, I did not have to take out extra time to go to the gym on weekdays in my busy school schedule, so it was perfect for me.
The CCA also organises occasional classes where fitness instructors come to our school and conduct classes such as Zumba and Body Attack. We are planning to have more of these classes in 2015, so if you are interested in keeping fit and healthy join Health and Fitness.-Shasta Mahawar
Mathematics Competition Team Mathematics Competition Team (MCT) is the CCA that has the most number of competitions (probably half of all academic competitions you can find in school). The best performing students are casually getting national tops and international tops here and there (not as much as NUSH and RJC but we are catching up), while the average students also obtain prizes that are internationally competitive and résumé-brightening, pushing the school performance as whole to somewhere at or near the top of the world. The coaches for MCT in 2015 are always IMO Top 10 individuals or IMO National Team Coaches.
In my opinion, MCT provides numerous opportunities to both students who are just taking a peek of beyond-IB math and students who are well-exposed to math competitions. It also provided firm support for anyone who has the willingness to improve one’s math skill. Experience in MCT would be helpful when it comes to tertiary education, as it makes students familiar with desperation in front of hard questions (and hopefully rejoice at the moment of realization).
NCC Land No other CCAs could better groom an ACSian to be a scholar, officer and gentlemen more than NCC (Land). Like any other uniform groups, NCC (Land) gives every cadet the opportunity to grow their leadership skills, whereby they will get to lead the unit from secondary three onwards. However, as previously mentioned, what other uniform groups can do, NCC (Land) can give so much more. In NCC (Land), cadets are also given the unique opportunity to lead parades that are modelled after SAF parades. So just imagine, how would you like yourself carrying a sword, leading a parade of 500 cadets from all the NCC units in Singapore.Leadership opportunities aside, NCC (Land) prides itself in grooming the fitness and adventurous spirit of the cadets. At the pinnacle of the numerous adventurous activities like mountain trekking and jungle survival training, there are two courses conducted by the two elite formations of the Army, namely the Commandos and the Naval Diving Unit. At one extreme, you will get the once in a lifetime opportunity to jump out of C130 aircraft from the height of 1000 feet while at the other extreme, you will get the chance to explore the depths of the Singapore seas.So, if you think you have what it takes to be a cut above the rest, do join NCC (Land) today!

-Raymond Sukanto

Odyssey of the Mind Odyssey of the Mind (OM) is a creative problem solving competition based in the USA. Each year, teams compete at a national level, and upon attaining either a 1st or 2nd placing in their respective categories; they proceed to compete at the international competition held in different American universities each year.
Comprising of an 8min performance as well as a variable spontaneous component, the OM competition is challenging. Each OM team comprises of a maximum of 7 members, and together they must build their own props, craft their own costumes, write their own script and direct their own skit.
These skills really come in handy as last year, the AC OMers produced a charity musical revue entitled “For What It’s Worth”, raising close to 30,000 dollars for the VIVA Foundation for Children’s Cancer Research. More details about this can be found
So if you are full of passion, or like to build bridges, can sing like Mariah, or just walk like Rihanna, you can contact the OMers at, or alternatively drop a text to Saad at 81239051. For more details and insight into the world of ACOM you can check out the website at– Muhammad Saad Siddiqui
Symphonic Band The symphonic band experience is an experience unlike any other. Fast-paced and challenging, newcomers with no prior musical background are accelerated to proficiency in the matter of one year. Newcomers have even taken part in competitions in their first year of learning their instrument. The band delights in playing all sorts of music, from classical to pop to film music to even jazz, joining band not only allows you to make music, but also to appreciate music of all genres. Besides music, you can also find great companionship in our small but closely knitted community, and truly I do have many wonderful friends in the band that I am grateful for. Being a band member may require lots of commitment, but considering how meaningful and literally breathtaking the journey is, I must say it is truly worth it. Everyone is welcomed so start your IB musical journey on the right note!-Tedmund Lim
Young Diplomats Society The supreme art of war, is to subdue the enemy without fighting’ – Sun Tzu, The Art of War
Here at YDS, members go for Model UN conferences, organised by other schools and sometimes overseas trips. These conferences prompt participants (who represent actual countries) to discuss global issues, in a systemic process but with considerable fluidity. Although the academic rigour of this process is challenging, it is extremely rewarding for those who participate. Our hope is that more people are able to examine global issues in an objective way and to develop the wish to be cognisant of the things happening around you.
How about a way to earn CAS hours, and enjoy yourself in the process?
Devoting 2-3 days of your time will net you an easy 26 Creative hours and a great way to socialise as you discuss pertinent global issues.
We also plan one of the biggest school events ( annually, with over 500 students in attendance from schools across Singapore. If you would like to be a part of this team, look no further. We however, recognise that some people might not have the time to commit to weekly trainings. We understand that, attendance at trainings aren’t essential to attending conferences, but critical if you wish to clinch awards for your effort.
Although most of your experiences at conferences might be individual in nature, the defining trait of YDS is in the support you get from members who are going for the same conference – late night Skype calls and prep sessions in school are the memories you will hold on to the most.
I’ve personally spent a lot of time with the CCA – its shaped my IB experience and a break away from work, it’s been a place where I’ve found the closest of friends and the most determined of minds, I hope you do consider joining this family.
Don’t forget to drop by our booth during the CCA Fair!-Alexander Gee

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