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List is arranged in alphabetical order. Do note that the list of CCAs covered under here is not exhaustive and may not cover every CCA that the school offers. Do contact us at our Facebook page if you wish to contribute an article for your CCA if it has been missed out!

CCA Description
Badminton Badminton trainings are 4-5 times a week regularly after school and on Saturday mornings. Even though trainings are intense and tiring, the times spent together as a team really helps us to bond and develop friendships amongst ourselves. Badminton is more than just a CCA to us, it’s a passion and something that we always look forward to. Even after a long or bad day, spending time on the court helps us to de-stress and take our mind off things.-Alistaire Chua
Basketball Our 2014 A division season was a fruitful one, despite losing 4 of our games, we built bonds that would go beyond the court and friendships were created that continued on even after our games were over. The losses have been spurring us as well to train even harder in preparation for next year’s tournament, so that we can go further than this year. Despite being a new team that only started playing together just two months before our season, we managed to hold our own and give the other teams a respectable fight, coming in as the underdogs.
Just like everyone other CCA in ACS(Independent), the AC spirit is alive and burning in basketball. We train with strength, passion, and dedication twice a week on Mondays, and Wednesdays, and have friendly matches with other schools and clubs on Saturdays. Not only do our trainings improve our skills and fitness, it teaches us lessons that can be applied outside the court as well, such as pushing our limits and never giving up. If you have a passion in basketball and have a competitive edge as well, you will be right at home with the ACS(Independent) basketball team. We look forward to seeing you at training!-Mickey Tay and Siddharth Pillai
Cricket Cricket is a game which not only requires physical strength but mental endurance as well. I first started playing cricket when I was 9 years old, back then, the objective was simple, hit the ball as hard as I can. However over time I learnt the various tactics one could use to gain an edge over the opponents. As with any sport, there is no end to the learning and training in this sport. ACS has provided with an opportunity to develop my skills in cricket. This institution has an outstanding track record over the years in this sport, being the current title holders in the A division and C division category. If you’re up for the challenge, if you think you have the mental strength and if you think you can make an impact, join us.-Suhas Sahu
Cross Country “Strength doesn’t come from what you can do, it comes from overcoming what you once thought you couldn’t”
Running Cross Country is not easy. It means hard work, it needs consistent effort, it demands true commitment; but it will also show you that you are so much stronger than you ever imagined.
Our training involves a combination of intervals, fartleks, drills, long runs and exercises—each designed to help us improve and grow as runners. With specifically tailored trainings planned for us on a regular basis, this gives each of us the opportunity to continuously improve, stretching our own limits, reaching new heights.
As much as Cross Country is an individual sport, where your success is very much dependent on your own commitment to train, it is also, at it’s core, a team-based one. Surviving painful intervals under the glaring sun, being the only ones awake at 8am in the mornings for our weekly long runs, exploring new (and usually muddy) terrain to train in—these are common experiences that we share, and inevitably grow to treasure. In AC Cross, you learn to lean on your teammates, literally, to be there to support you physically and mentally, until you cross that final finish line.
The best part about AC Cross Country is that you don’t need to have any prior experience in competitive racing or any sports at all to be fully welcomed into this exciting CCA! As long as you have an interest, dedication and the desire to become a running champion, we will make your dreams come true.
Life is short. Running makes it seem longer.
Join ACXC.-Peck Hsiao Tyng
Ultimate Frisbee Ultimate Frisbee is an unique sport where guys and girls get to compete on an equal playing field. Although there is limited contact, it is still a very physically and mentally challenging sport. With that said, there is no need to worry about the lack of experience because most students start at the JC age. Besides, it is a relatively easy sport to pick up as long as you are willing to learn.
Here at ACUltimate we are one big family, where we spend time training and having fun together. Even alumni come down to coach and play with us to help us improve. Personally, my first year playing ultimate with this talented team was simply amazing. The laughter, sweat and fellowship is something I’ll always remember.
If you are looking for a sport to join, you will not regret joining ultimate. Who knows what talent you might have within you, so why not join now?-Tobias Yap
Golf Golf is a game that divides opinions on its legitimacy as a sport. Sure, a round of golf burns around 564 calories on average, and requires the use and coordination of at least 17 muscle groups (including the hands, arms, legs and abdomen muscles) but there are plenty other sports out there which are way more rigorous (footballers, for example, burn an average of 900 calories per 90 minute game). Hence, people commonly view it as an “old man’s sport”.
At first glance, golf may seem a trivial, boring game with the sole objective of hitting a tiny white ball with a club into a 4-inch hole in the least number of strokes. But there is more to golf than meets the eye. What sets golf apart from most sports is that it is a game that requires mastery of both golfing technique and mental toughness. Not only are you required to be able to strike the ball consistently, but being able to keep your cool even after hitting a poor shot is crucial in golf.
Spending countless hours crouching over multiple miniscule white balls perfecting your swing may not sound useful or fun, but it teaches you to have an eye for detail, to be able to pick up your own mistakes, to persevere through frustrations and countless disappointments as you try and try again to attain perfection. Although once you do achieve that perfect shot off the centre of the club, the feeling of bliss and satisfactions is incomparable.
Shy about making friends and socializing? Learn to play golf! There are plenty of opportunities for you to meet people of all ages from different walks of life through a round of golf. The Golf team trains every Wednesday. Hope to see you there!-Lim Zhen Zong
Hockey Field hockey is an exciting sport similar to soccer. In hockey, two teams of eleven players aim to shoot the ball into the opponent’s goal using hockey sticks. Students can join the ACS(I) hockey team with no prior experience where our coach will teach players the necessary skills required to play the sport. This year, there were many opportunities for the team to compete such as the 11 a side Hockey Invitationals organised by the Singapore Hockey Federation where our team won 1st place and the National A Division Boys Inter-school Championshis. The team also went on a trip to Malacca together in March where we trained with Malacca High School and picked up many new skills and experiences. Through this CCA, students can learn to play hockey, improve their fitness, make new friends and have fun.-Mohammad Ryan
Netball Ever felt a little overwhelmed in this school full of boys? In need of a little (or a lot of) girl time? Or simply tired of work and need a good break to sweat out that stress? Well AC NETBALL is here for you! It doesn’t matter if you have any previous experience or not, what matters is that you have the passion and willingness to work hard and commit to a team that will be more than glad to help you train up and achieve the best we can. We meet together once a week to train, working on court skills and fitness. However, the beauty of Netball is that it needs a team to play, and a strong team spirit driving the play. We may not be the best team there is out there, but we believe in dreaming big and finding every way we can to reach that dream together. Come join us, a group that’s small but humble, a group that tries and pushes for what we believe in, and a group that is a team.-Julia Craggs
Rugby There are two very important things that the rugby experience in ACS (Independent) has taught me. Firstly, trust. Trust is essential for a team to function well. Mistrust is like poison in one’s body, one small drop and the whole body will slowly cease to function. Likewise, if one does trust the other, it is obvious that the team will crumble from the inside.
Secondly, sacrifice. Success does not come without sacrifice. The championship titles we have attained so far have not come without suffering. Hours spent during school days as well as the holidays to go through arduous training sessions, blood, sweat and tears shed in the process were all things that each and every member had to experience.
However, at the end of the journey, you will be able to bask in all of the glory of being a champion, regardless of winning or losing the title, because you have gained so much more during the process of the journey.-Isaiah Teh
Soccer The ACS(Independent) Football CCA has been improving by leaps and bounds every year for the past 10 years or so. The CCA has provided a platform for young talents to be nurtured and players to play their best for the school even when facing much tougher opponents. This laudable fighting spirit and determination was shown by our ‘C’ Division footballers who made it to the semi finals of the second round of the 2014 Inter-School South Zone. The ‘A’ and ‘B’ Division players also did their best but were unfortunately unable to progress to the second rounds of their respective competitions. Nevertheless, more and more talented players are joining the CCA and all 3 divisions have been experiencing a significant improvement in the squads and there are high hopes of all 3 divisions attaining medals in next year’s Inter-School National Championships. The Football CCA will give you ample opportunity to shine bright for yourself and for the school. We look forward to seeing you in this CCA in 2015! To God be the glory, The Best Is Yet To Be.-Titus Joseph
Squash I joined squash because I thought that being in a sports CCA would help me keep fit but it surely gave me more than I asked for. I not only picked up a new skill but through the regular trainings I began to develop a stronger liking for the sport and I forged strong friendships with my teammates. What’s most fun about squash is having the wonderful teammates beside you, doing drills and growing stronger with you. Trainings are a great form of distressing, the satisfaction you feel when you are able to hit the ball as hard as you want is something you cannot get elsewhere. After a long day in school, having this opportunity to sweat it all out will definitely make you feel refreshed after that; ready to conquer anything and everything.
I’ve had so much fun being in the girls’ squash team and I would encourage the new year 5s to join us! You do not need any prior experience to join, so do come down for try outs, and start an amazing journey of growth and becoming toned wink emoticon-Shianne Goh and Daphne Sin
Swimming Diving into the pool even before sunrise and coming back for more after the sunsets are just the few indications to show that Swimming is indeed the toughest sport. Truth be told, no matter how tough it is, I still love this sport with all my heart. Swimming has taught me several things that I will always treasure. Firstly, it has taught me to persevere even as the going gets tough and to never quit even if quitting seems to be the easier option. Secondly, Swimming has honed my time management skills, and has taught me how to manage my time wisely.
Even though Swimming is an individual sport, it is through the collective efforts of every swimmer that has helped our school win titles after titles. As such, I hope you will join Swimming and be part of our family.-Marvin Choo
Tennis I have been in tennis for five years already and next year would be my sixth. For me, tennis has never been a team sport. On the court you are on your own. Focused, determined and oblivious to the world. No friend, coach or parent can help you at this moment. If you win you take all the glory and if you lose, the blames on you. That is the way tennis functions.
Yet now, after five years in ACS(I), tennis has become bigger than myself. Together, we train as a team. We win as a team. We lose as a team and to be honest, it’s not all about winning. The biggest part about tennis has become the special people I have been so lucky to meet and befriend. Everyday it is a privilege to train with them and have fun with them and yes, tennis is FUN. There is nothing that can replace the excitement that tennis brings. The sport is a battle of mental strength, wit and preparation. It is a test of courage and discipline and it is incredibly FUN. After coming to ACS(I), I have discovered and rediscovered the joy of tennis.
Tennis in ACS(I) is not about yourself. It is a family.-Elisha Chow

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