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My subject combination is History, Math, Economics (HME or MEH) at Higher Level/HL with Physics, Language & Literature and CLB at Standard Level/SL.

This hybrid combination was very much unknown to me when I first started Orientation in 2014. But thinking through now, I would say it is one (if not the best) of the hybrid humanities combination that is available.

I did not want to take the standard HEE (History, English, Economics) because honestly speaking, my English wasn’t all that good to secure me a definite 7, and my Math during Year 4 IP was MUCH MORE better than my ever fluctuating Language Arts/Literature scores. Towards science and intact classes subject combinations such as PCM/PME/CME, I wouldn’t have minded it either but I knew I’d be struggling since my Sciences wasn’t all that good either. I still remembered how Mr Chirnside inspired me so much with regards to History during  Secondary 4. Naturally History became my favorite subject compared to the rest even way before Orientation started. HME was a perfect fit for my choice as I believed I would have a fun time doing History (which I have) , and still be able to take Math instead of all my other dreaded subjects. So if you are not aiming for the HSP and ASP classes in IB, HME is a very interest-based combination to consider when you choose your subjects:)

Such hybrid combinations will always receive some weird comments like “what are you going to do with these subjects next time”, so here I will be clearing some doubts about this combination. IF you are not going to be a doctor or pursuing a science-based career next time, HME is certainly suited for most people. Math HL opens you up to accountancy, architecture, etc, whilst History and Economics will provide an excellent platform for you to go to law school in the future. Basically this combination will “unlock” almost everything other than sciences-based careers. Actually I haven’t thought about all those when I was selecting my combination:P, so here is what I found out AFTER I took HME.

If I had to choose my subjects again, I WOULDN’T change anything at all. Even though History and Math can both be very tiring and challenging, both subjects are rewarding. Economics, welllll you just have to look through the text many times and make sense out of the things they say (not that hard).

For potential History HL wannabes, you need to ask yourself whether you have a genuine interest in the subject because the subject sometimes can be REALLY boring with all the books, notes, and more notes you have to read and digest. But if you enjoy this process of learning, History HL is certainly the subject for you. Nevertheless, you will face an ordeal in deciding what to do for your one and only History IA, so reading up NOW or even after choosing this subject combination will be good to have some contextual knowledge of a certain event in History that interests you. Not forgetting Math HL, as you had probably heard will require much practice in order to score. Unlike English at Higher Level whereby 6s and 7s are subjective, getting 6s and 7s for Math is possible as after many rounds of practice, you will be able to tackle most questions.  And lastly, Economics. Economics to me is a theory of what you expect when you buy/sell stuff, so constant reading up of the newspaper will suit you with “common sense” you need to ace Economics:)

More on the SL subjects: CLB/Chinese to me is almost a 100% refresher course from Secondary 2/3 Higher Chinese so it is still a fun subject if you do not want an ab initio language. Language and literature was an easy choice for me to take since it was not fully into Literature texts which I dreaded, and the inference skills from History comes in handy when you are doing essays in this subject. Physics, compared with the rest of the sciences, was the most practical out of the sciences from my viewpoint, as you will learn a more in-depth version of the O Level standard Physics that wouldn’t be hard to manage.

This subjects ARE time-consuming as you will probably have to go through concepts/arguments/theories/graphs a few if not many times in order to fully understand it. But once you understand it, you have the sense of accomplishment to continue working hard in the subject. If you are not fully into sciences and yet have a passion for the humanities like I am, HME would be a good option for you to take, and the teachers will more than supportive with you through the process (All subjects combinations inclusive) . Practice and time management will be the crux in this subject combi!!

All the best in choosing your subjects 🙂

Yu Lun (6.09) is from the graduating batch of 2015.

What’s your subject combination?

    • HL(s): History, Mathematics, Economics
    • SL(s): Physics, LangLit [and of course Chinese B]

Why did you choose that combination?

Honestly, the reason differs from person to person. For me, it was based on passion and interest in the subjects, especially for HLs. For some, it may be because of previous performances in the subject considered; don’t take up the subject assuming it is easy!!!

Are there any career conditions you had in mind when you selected your combination?

Probably inclined towards doing Humanities in University [either History or Economics]. However, as a career job, no, there is no secured or definite choice made when I selected the subjects combination. Just remember that although it is important to at least have some idea of where you are heading towards in your career, it is more important to have an interest in what you are doing.

Given a chance to choose again, what would you do differently?

Nothing! XD The subject may be challenging and demanding at times, but having the combination of interests, effort and good guidance have certainly made it manageable.

Kevin Leong (6.09) is from the graduating batch of 2015.

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