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In Year 5, IB decided to serve me up with a MAC as well as a side portion of B&M, LL and CLB to go with it.  In case you’re confused, MAC stands for Math, Art, and Chemistry, all of which I take at Higher Level standard. My Standard Level abbreviations stand for Business & Management, Language & Literature, and Chinese Language B.

I would say that the most interesting thing about my (very unique) subject combination would be the fact that I get a generous exposure to analytical HL subjects, but also with a healthy dose of a subject no one can really break down and solve – Art! This gives me a really huge contrast in the subjects I spend the most time with, and ultimately gives me an even broader education in the already holistically intensive IB programme.

The biggest objective challenge to someone taking my combination would probably be the fact that all three of my HL subjects take up a lot of time, especially if you’re not naturally gifted in Math. Art is very, very time-consuming, and if you’re not careful, you’re almost sure to find yourself devoting gross amounts of time working at pieces late into the night and scribbling feverishly into your IWB. Due to the number of new topics taught, Math really requires a lot of concentration and diligence in order to keep up with the syllabus, as does Chemistry. As such, honestly speaking time management is key to this combination.

If you’re interested in having MACs for your IB meal, then be sure to think about whether these three subjects REALLY interest you. If they don’t, then you’re going to be in for a tough time, because only passion and determination will drive you through the low points you’ll experience.

Chloe (6.7) is from the graduating batch of 2015.

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  1. I am a art student very interested in doing chemistry communication through visual arts 🙂 I originally chose MAC as well, however, as they moved chem to group 6, I changed art to design. Now it’s MDC hahaha

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