Chemistry, Mathematics, Economics


Note, I’m more of a science student compared to a humanities student. This subject combination is quite a common one, and so I am in an intact class. Many people do think that CME is one of the slackest, and easiest combination to take. Indeed it’s quite different from the subjects that require hardcore mugging and memorizing like Bio, Geog and History. As someone who was unsure of what I had wanted to do in University, and knowing that I did not want to become a lawyer, or a doctor, I still wanted to keep my options open. Therefore, I chose HL Chem, Math and Econs, SL Physics,  Lang&Lit, Chinese B. (Some people take SL B&M instead of SL Physics and are also in the same intact class. This combination may be unavailable from 2015 onwards though.)

Why these subjects you may ask?

HL Math: I’m sure you would have heard on the level of difficulty of HL Math. Though difficult, it’s quite highly regarded in University (I heard) but that’s not the only reason I took it. I’m more inclined to studying accountancy/finance/economics/business in University, and most of these courses do require HL math as one of the prerequisites. But taking math at a higher level is also a preference of mine, as I do enjoy math as a subject, at least most of the time.

HL Econs: This is also a prerequisite for the courses I am considering, providing me with a foundation for further studies. Back in Year 5, with no prior experience with economics, I honestly didn’t know what I was getting myself into. What I knew was that economics was a study on markets, and “stuff” happening in the real world, and that was enough to spark my interest more than geography, or history. Learning economics may seem daunting at first because everyone starts off at the same level: none, but it’s quite a manageable subject as it uses common sense. It is extremely relatable to news we read everyday, so it gets quite interesting to learn.

HL Chem/SL Physics: So I had to choose a science subject, and I had already ruled out the medical field, so all it was left was physics and chemistry. One had to be my HL and the other my SL subject. This wasn’t really an important choice as I was certain I did not want to do a science subject in University. However to me, chemistry was more interesting to me than physics, and studying physics at an SL level was rather easy (what I was told).

SL Lang&Lit: I dread lit, so SL lang&lit it is

Chinese B: My mindset: “Chinese is hard enough as a language. Ab initio? No. ”
By taking Chinese B, I also have more time in Year 6 should I score 7 in the IB exam for other subjects

Any regrets on your subject combination?


Any advice?

Don’t procrastinate, do your work, listen in class, and enjoy your IB journey!

Amanda Ng (6.06) is from the graduating batch of 2015.

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