Where Do I Find More Information?


Still looking? The official school website is always available.

There’s a (very extensive) guide to IB written by past students from the batch of 2007 that you can find here. Do note that some of the information they have is outdated (eg. Math Portfolios) so you’ll need to double check information since it might have changed since then!

The Student Council also runs a Facebook page with updates on upcoming school events and announcements that you can find here.

…and there’s the obligatory school confessions page. (If you haven’t already seen it)

In addition, if you’re looking for information about university applications and life after IB, there’s a site (Red Bricks and Ivy) run by seniors that details the university admissions process, as well as information about what it’s like at specific universities by alumni who study there.

For the Christians in the school, there’s a blog detailing the history of Christian revivals and movements in ACS(I) that you can find here. It’s rather extensive and covers many different student-led movements over the past few years, such as AC Night of Worship.


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