Coming From: NYGH


“If you do get into our school, you have to understand that you may be the only nanyang girl here,” Ms Chock said. “I know, and I won’t let that hinder me from choosing my own path. I want to be in this school, and I know I’ll be fine here, alone or not” I replied.

That was part my DSA interview. I remembered Ms Chock telling me how AC would be full of boys, that there wasn’t a girls team for squash (she was wrong actually, there is a girls team for that CCA and I wanted to continue playing the sport. You see, I’ve been playing squash since sec 1), and finally, that I may have a hard time integrating into ACSI, since I’m going to be the “only nanyang girl”. Well at first, yes, I was pretty much alone. I got into ACSI (so thankful that I did), and I found out, that I was the only one from my school who managed to get into ACSI. I got a little bit fearful of what was to come… I guess my little speech about how “I’ll be fine, alone or not” was just talk, and I was in fact scared to join a school where nearly all the boys knew each other and the girls too (since a large proportion of the girls were from either MGS / SCGS).

I have been in the nanyang family since primary 1. PRIMARY 1. And most of the girls would naturally join NYGH, so you could say I’ve been surrounded by the same friends since I was 7. I have been stuck in the same circle of people, I hardly knew anyone out of that circle. So joining a new school and not knowing a single soul (ok I knew maybe 2 people?) was a huge-crazy-scary-stepping-out-of-my-comfort-zone move.

If you’re reading this and you’re in the same position as me, just take a deep breath and calm down. Because, honestly, there’s really nothing, NOTHING AT ALL, to be afraid of. Or even be nervous about. Because I can promise you this. You’ll definitely make friends here, and you’ll definitely fall in love with the family here. The people here are AMAZING. Yes, maybe you have to start the conversation first once in awhile, take the initiative, but you will realise that the people you meet here will make sure the conversation doesn’t stop. You’ll forge the most incredible friendships here, have the time of your life here. I have to admit that the curriculum itself isn’t easy, you have to be strong, and the people here are the ones who make sure you pull through, holding your hands and not leaving you behind.

So take heed from me, the awkward nanyang girl. You don’t have to be overly outgoing, just be yourself. Because AC is a place where I can unleash my inner eccentricities, so don’t be afraid to unleash yours.

Shianne Goh (6.05) is from the graduating batch of 2015. She studied Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics at Higher Level. 

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