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Coming from SC to AC, there are going to be a lot of things you’re going to miss. Maybe there’ll be things you won’t miss so much. I’ll just give you all a short list of what you can expect to be familiar, and what’s not so familiar.


Girls are the minority here (but our numbers are increasing or so I’m told). The first few days into orientation you will probably find yourself sticking to your de facto OG girl group like glue. Take heart. Your female OGL is there for you. She understands. Being lost and getting lost will happen.

In addition, get used to being pampered (?) Suddenly guys are being called upon to do all the heavy lifting for you. You may take advantage of this fact as much or as little as you wish.

Overall AC’s Methodist culture is totally different from SC, which is secular- and this will take some getting used to. 50% of the school population is Christian as are many of the teachers.

Morning Devotion- takes place every day during assembly and is generally based on a scripture reading. SC usually has short and sweet morning assemblies. Not so here- if the speaker likes to ramble it can drag out for a long while. And you can’t sit down at all.

Chapel- every Monday morning, usually has invited guest speakers come in to give a longer sermon, can last until 9am.

People here actually sing the school song, and chapel songs, LOUDLY. AC’s school anthem is more difficult to sing than SC’s and may take a while to remember. However, the lyrics are shown on screen so just try to follow for the first few days!

The SAC is air conditioned, but I bet you already knew that. Which I would say for most of you will be a welcome change from having pigeons and sparrows dive bombing you during recess. Be prepared for expensive food, and the noodle stall just isn’t the same as SC prawn mee/mee pok. Serving sizes everywhere are also quite a bit larger.

Classes are air conditioned so you’ll find yourself in a jacket more often. However- school jackets only. Take note: some classrooms are perpetually freezing so be prepared.

SC likes to have quite a lot of lectures (to prepare you for A-level type schooling) but AC timetables mostly class time with mass lectures about once or twice a week. Tests are also less frequent, but this may really depend on subject combi.

For Art Girls: Instead of being on the top floor of the school building, the AC art rooms are scrunched away on the first floor. They are a lot darker, less airy and they look intimidating from the outside. The whole art room is basically a massive storeroom. HOWEVER they have a full sized A3 capable colour printer and many many computers so no more running to Coro to print reference images or having to share one Mac for everything! Here, the Art and Photography departments work quite closely so you get access to a lot more stuff in general. However (in my opinion) SC buys better paint.

School security when walking in and out at weird times or weekends is REALLY SLACK.

No more greeting teachers by surnames- everyone is Sir or Madam, which makes greeting those you pass in the corridors less nerve-wracking.

Principal, vice-principal, and other high-level non-teaching staff are simply referred to collectively as the Senior Admin.

We don’t have things like Spirit of the Class here because there aren’t a lot of inter-class competitions unlike SC, and the ‘competitions’ aren’t taken as seriously. Refer below to Anglolympics.

Two words: Swim PE (but thankfully only for a few weeks)

We don’t have monkeys invading our classrooms. Instead, you may wish to observe the multitude of squirrels.

Lastly, AC doesn’t do carnivals ☹ (if you want the carnival experience though, ACJC is right next door)


SPOT CHECKS. In Year 5 spot checks are common and quite brutal especially if your female CT/PCT is of the less forgiving variety. Skirt length rules are about the same as SC’s- four fingers above the back of the knee, max. School socks are also The Law (the guys get away with wearing non-school socks but we don’t have that luxury). Just be careful during Year 5, by Year 6 no one really cares.

We still have Houses for sporting events like Swimming Championships but instead of Red, Yellow, Green, Blue you will now have Oldham, Thoburn, SVM, GHK, TKK, CKS, LSG and TCT. Your house is determined by your OG and you stay in it for the entire two years.

If you remember SC’s Captains Ball tournaments during PE, Anglolympics is pretty much the same thing only it’s a one-off event (this may change in future). The participation of the whole class, however, is not compulsory.

In two years you are going to accumulate a massive amount of school shirts in addition to your existing SC shirt collection. Most of these are not compulsory to purchase but there are WOW shirts, House shirts, event shirts, cohort shirts, etc

Bringing bowls and utensils out of the SAC/ up to class is still Against The Rules. Even though there is no monkey problem, as said earlier, keeping food in class or having a pantry is still discouraged.

Student Council is the equivalent of Prefects but they do a lot more stuff events-wise. They wear the same thing as everyone else.

If you were a recurrent patron of SC’s sandwich machine, its identical twin can be found on the first floor next to the HSP classrooms.

There is still a koi pond in the school (ha ha ha). That’s about it. People fall into it or get thrown into it all the time. Feeding the fish is encouraged (sort of), especially by certain teachers.


So maybe you’ll miss that periwinkle sky blue pinafore. Maybe you won’t. No matter what, I hope that SC juniors who are entering or considering ACS(I) in future have learned something from this read, and it’s given you a better idea of what to expect whether in large or small ways. The SC-AC learning curve is steep, but worth it in the end ☺


Renee Tay is from the graduating class of 2014.

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