Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics


Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics @ HL is definitely for those who know that they want to do something biology related in the future, may it be medicine, psychology or dentistry. I do suggest looking at the subject requirements for the course that you are looking at for a wide range of universities, because local and overseas universities can have different requirements.

I chose BCM not only because of competency but also interest and passion. BCM is no doubt one of the toughest and taxing combinations, with constant IAs and assignments to be completed on top of EETOK and CAS. However, with the unity and support of an intact class and a never-say-die spirit, you can definitely manage this. CCA can and will affect your juggling of academics and CAS, so do be tactful with your commitments to your CCA and outside activities.

LangLit and Econs and Chinese @ SL seems to be the most common, “convenient” and comfortable subjects to go along with BCM, which I agree with. Choosing Chinese and LangLit is quite the no brainer for most people, but do be prepared for alien obstacles, i.e. weird and awkward mark schemes and a whole lot of ambiguity, (coming from an O level grad).

Econs is highly theoretical, but it does give a nice change from what can sometimes be overwhelmingly science-y combination.

As a BCM student, I did choose BCM over BCE, why?

  1. Subject requirements from universities I was looking at
  2. Less interest in humanities
  3. Intact class

Beverly Yeap (6.05) is from the graduating batch of 2015.

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