Coming From: CHIJ (Katong Convent)


I’m going to skip the usual “first day of school was filled with apprehension” and say that my first day was pretty enjoyable and relief-filled because I was joined by my best friend from KC. On that first day we stuck close to one another not just because we are best friends but because we barely knew and had any one. Not that I’m complaining but on the second day of orientation, I thought I was being plunged into the dark world of lonely recesses and solo days because she decided to leave for another school. Looking back, if I could say so myself, her leaving was probably a blessing in disguise because it forced me to open up to other people. For those next few days spent with my orientation group and subsequently the entire past year with my class, I still cannot believe how incredibly blessed I am to be able to be part of the AC family. I admit, that initially it was rather hard and I fully blame myself for not taking enough initiative but the friends that I have made thus far have been so welcoming and accepting of me that it just makes school life something more than EETOKIA (you’ll come to know what those are). As cliche as it seems, like KC, ACSI is family, a place brimming with people all eager and ready to welcome and guide you, just don’t be intimidated by the sudden influx of boys you see along the corridor!

One thing I must say is that in terms of academics, take the system in KC multiply by the biggest number you can ever think of. Yes. I don’t mean to scare anyone but that’s how it progresses. The number of subjects you take will not be any less than in secondary school not even talking about the workload for each subject. Taking it slow is the way to go initially but as the days pass and deadlines pile up, you will often find yourself toiling endlessly away. Personally I struggled slightly at first because of poor time management and many a time didn’t know how to get about starting on my assignments. I guess that’s the plus point of IB, that it forces you to consistently revise and work so that you will not get overwhelmed by everything at the end. Additionally, the teachers here are also very helpful and will help stretch you to the fullest! In ACSI, we also have more regular tests to check on our study progress which is something different from KC. Admittedly, these constant tests were a challenge to me seeing how I prefer preparing with only a few days left. However, this ensured that students fulfilled the role of regular revision and independent study instead of all take and no give. Ultimately, ACSI was one of the things I am thankful for that happened to me. Over here, every one blends in together happily and things may occasionally get rough but aren’t these all part of being a family?

Joie (6.10) is from the graduating batch of 2015, and studied at CHIJ (Katong Convent) from 2009 – 2013.

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