Abroad: In Japan

“So why did you choose to study in Japan?” Honestly, I dread being asked this. To some, the answer comes easily. But for me, I always find myself at a loss in the face of...

MOE Internship

The MOE Teaching Internship Programme (MOE TIP) is a programme held yearly for graduating students to experience teaching at a school. For the duration of Term 1, you will be able to experience, first-hand,...


BMT: Confinement

The DSA Procedure

MOE Internship

Coming From: MGS

Mathematics, Economics, Literature

This subject combination may not be the most conventional and many might even consider this to be one of the easiest to undertake. That...

10 Things You Should Know About TOK

It doesn’t matter if you’re learning TOK for the first time (all you non-IP peeps) or if you’re coming from Year 4 IP...
year to year ac

To Our Year Ones

Hey Year 1s! We're one month into the school year. Here’s some tips on how to navigate ACSI’s waters and make the most of your...

The Literary Commentary

The literary commentary (henceforth known as ‘lit comm’) is a fickle overlord. Sometimes you are just able to connect with and understand the poem...